The Red Zone, Week 12 Late Games.

Patriots 31, Eagles 28 – When considering picking the Pats to cover, I forgot something particularly crucial: the fact that Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard are the Eagles corners, and Sheppard put a lock on Randy Moss for most of the night — which fucked with Tom Brady some, as A.J. Feeley outplayed him for three quarters (Jim Johnson’s constant blitzing probably didn’t help matters.) However, taking Moss away left Wes Welker available, and he hit double digit catches for 149 yards, as the Pats drove down the field in the fourth with Welker and polished it off with a Laurence Maroney TD run. The Eagles drove back, but Asante Samuel picked Feeley for the second time to finish the game off.

Bears 37, Broncos 34 – It’s not giving up the field goal in OT that bothers me. It’s the fact that Todd Sauerbrun and Mike Shanahan are either so stupid individually not only to kick to Devin Hester, but to KICK TO HIM AGAIN AFTER HE SCORED A TOUCHDOWN ON A PUNT RETURN EARLIER. Hester took two punts right to the house, and then another Sauerbrun punt was blocked, which led to a Chicago touchdown. Then, the Bears tied it up via a Bernard Berrian touchdown pass with three seconds left (aided by a prior auto-first down penalty by Dre’ Bly to sustain the drive.) Losing a 14-point lead with 5 minutes to go takes some serious work. Please, can anyone answer why there are coaches and kickers who kick to Hester, Leon Washington, or Joshua Cribbs in this league?

49ers 37, Cardinals 31 – Bizarre game of the day: the Cardinals have to come from behind against a Trent Dilfer-led team (he threw two TDs) with Frank Gore on point (rushed for 100+ and received for nearly 100 as well), but a delay of game call with the seconds rolling down screws up the field goal try by Neil Rackers. After the five-yard walk off, it’s still 2nd down, so they could get the yards back — but they don’t try to, and Rackers hooked it. OT ends when, on a punt return, Steve Breaston only gets out to the 2 for Arizona, and Kurt Warner is stripped in the end zone on the next play, as Tully Banta-Cain falls on the ball.

Chargers 32, Ravens 14 – Guess the Ravens’ D can make even the most inconsistent of offenses look great. Philip Rivers threw three touchdown passes, two of them to Antonio Gates, and the defense got after Kyle Boller, sacking him four times.

Photo: AP/Stephan Saviola


4 Responses

  1. Clearly the Christmas season is upon us, as the Bears and Broncos were both giving points away like it was going out of style.

    But when the Broncos give a game away, they don’t fool around. I had turned it off in disgust when they got 2 TDs ahead and Grossman had fumbled for a second time. Then after half an hour of BSG: Razor, I clicked back over to see what the final score was and was amazed to see them driving to set up Gould for the game-winner in OT.

  2. Wow S2N, how did Arizona lose 41-37?

  3. Because I suck at reading the wires?

  4. I was sorely disappointed the Eagles didn’t pull it out, as I’m sure were most football fans outside of the New England area. Oh well, the fact that they made it close with a backup at the helm leaves me with some hope that someone else will knock them off before the season is over.

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