Rushing The Field, Week 13-A.

The 13-A bit means this is a Friday recap edition as I watch VA Tech – Virginia. For purposes of fucking up the usual BCS alignment, I say “Wahoo Wah.” More to come later today. Viewing schedule includes Tennessee-Kentucky, Oregon-UCLA (go Bruins, get the Trojans to the Rose Bowl!), Notre Dame-Stanford, OU-OK State, Kansas-Mizzou (of course), and hopefully, at least the halftime of Grambling State and Southern. I would advise NBC to get out of its ND contract and show more HBCU football. There’s a niche there to mine.

Nebraska-Colorado: There’s really not a heck of a lot better out there than watching a Cornhusker team get morally destroyed by a CU team despite the closeness of the final score and the offensive output on both sides. Despite the 65-51 score, the game was not as close as implied, as the Buffs’ defense broke the will of Nebraska for a sizable portion of the second half. And, as was expected, Bill Callahan got himself axed this morning, which everyone had been waiting on for weeks. Dan Hawkins has a Buffs team re-building well: after the problems of the Gary Barnett era, to go 6-6 after a 2-10 season is serious progress, and expect CU to make a Mizzou-like run next year or the year after that.

Ole Miss-Mississippi State: It’s almost unfair to say Ed Orgeron and the Rebels got Croomed by Sly and the Bulldogs after going up 14-0 early in Starkville, but since the O has apparently been given the pink slip this morning along with Callahan, a Crooming is what we have. Up 14-0, Orgeron goes for it on 4th and 1 and misses, and then the gates open for momentum to slide. A punt return for a TD in the fourth quarter tied it, and MSU kicked a field goal to end it. What’s incredible about what Sylvester Croom has done is that he’s done it with nothing resembling offensive output. Enjoy your bowl trip, sir!

Arkansas-LSU: The rightful title of Heisman belongs to Humanity Advanced, Darren McFadden. Tim Tebow’s numbers are spectacular, but the talent behind the “best college football player” is obvious in D-Mac, rushing for three touchdowns and throwing for one more out of the wishbone. If only he had a competent coach instead of Houston Nutt for three years, along with a useful QB, he’d have gone BCS bowling. Matt Flynn looked like absolute shit early, and I couldn’t tell you why Les Miles didn’t go to Ryan Perrilloux for a change of pace during the game. Miles has chewed up his idiot savant bankroll; in 3 OTs, he tries to make a withdrawal and finds himself with $19 in the ATM. Will this affect his standing in the running for the UM job? No. Michigan has become accustomed to a coach that chokes in big games, and Miles’ balls would still serve him well in a conference where Tressel is the only coach (although Ron Zook may be on his way up) with some play-calling stones. The secret star of the game that wasn’t McFadden or Felix Jones? Peyton Hillis. When McFadden is running the offense under center, he becomes that devastating option as a fullback or H-back, and I got to see so much more of that yesterday. That’s what you get for calling it Ar-Kansas, Les.

Texas-Texas A&M: The Longhorns have regressed to the B.V.Y. (Before Vince Young) era, where Mack Brown can lead inconsistent teams to the occasional conference championship, and to records of no more than 4 losses, but with the talent that rotates in and out of Austin, he ought to be able to do better, particularly on the defensive end. A&M was able to put the dagger in the Horns with a crucial fourth quarter touchdown run to give Dennis Franchione a semi-decent send off as he resigned amid the whole newsletter scandal business. As for Brown and the Horns, they will need to shore up the offense to protect against injury and see if Colt McCoy is channel the will that VY tapped into regularly.

Boise State-Hawai’i: The good debate to be having right now: if given your choice of a system QB, would you take Colt Brennan in June Jones’ run and shoot or Tim Tebow in Urban Meyer’s spread option? Brennan threw six TD passes in a game where Boise State took a lead in the third and kept the Warriors undefeated, pending a non-con against Washington to close out the season next week (it’s on the islands, I expect Hawai’i to win against an underachieving Huskies team — I am getting tired of writing “underachieving” next to U-Dub, it’s become a regular thing.) If you are not aware of the nature of this game, this is one of those rivalries that seems like not much there, but it is developing into one of those “must-see” games now. By the way, I think I would take Brennan, I believe his throwing accuracy makes him a late first-day NFL pick; he can learn in an NFL system.

Photo: Alex Brandon/AP


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