Channel 4 News League Recap, Week 11.

Yep, I’m aware I missed a week, and no one really cares about these posts save the participants. Oh well. I’ll be back later — today is a travel day for me.

1. I Roll w Chris Henry 8-3-0 .727 1356.32
2. I Love Lamp 8-3-0 .727 1087.90
3. Jazz Fluties 7-4-0 .636 1136.58
4. Pennsyltucky Power! 7-4-0 .636 1065.74
5. The Rainmakers 6-5-0 .545 1211.04
6. Haywood Jablome 6-5-0 .545 1057.18
7. Brady’s F*ck Trophy 5-6-0 .455 1243.92
8. SupremeSilverSharpie 5-6-0 .455 1217.50
9. Das Smoot 5-6-0 .455 1134.66
10. Bad Newz Kennels 4-7-0 .364 1114.00
11. Benoit’s Day Care 3-8-0 .273 1057.00
12. Smoot’s Fingercuffs 2-9-0 .182 974.82

Das Smoot 96.56, The Rainmakers 76.90 – No one in my line-up played well, not even Mr. Automatic QB himself over the past few years, Peyton Manning (I should have started Jason Campbell and his 3 TDs). Meanwhile, Peter gets a decent game from Drew Brees, 14 points from Chris Cooley, and 20+ from LDT for the win.

Jazz Fluties 105.20, I Love Lamp 100.68 – A nearly 30-point Monday night from Vince Young in a Tennessee loss provides the necessary squeak-by victory for Extra P. over AA, and Phil Dawson chips in some 17 much needed points with his kicking day on Sunday.

Pennsyltucky Power! 119.94, Benoit’s Day Care 97.42 – When more than half your starters score in double digits, the odds of you winning are pretty good, and that’s what happened for RUTS here this week.

Bad Newz Kennels 109.96, Smoot’s Fingercuffs 90.88 – Even when most of Zach’s skill guys do well (save Plaxico Burress), he can’t catch a break. Marco rides a 20+ point day from Carson Palmer and another good kicking performance from Matt Stover to a win. Plus, having Andre Johnson of the Texans playing again didn’t hurt.

Brady’s Fuck Trophy 124.82, Supreme Silver Sharpie 121.62 – Sadly, TSW is going to have to live with the fact that the players from her beloved Steelers cost her a fantasy win as well. Big Ben and Hines Ward shat the bed against the Jets, and that means even Randy Moss’ 36 point performance wasn’t enough. It was neutralized by 36 from Chester Taylor and another 25 from Brett Favre.

Haywood Jablome 124.02, I Roll W/ Chris Henry 122.36 – Under any other circumstance, a 45 point day from Tom Brady would lead Larry Brown to victory. But Ted was packing both Tony Romo and Terrell Owens in his starting lineup for over 75 points of offense, and just edged out the Henry entourage.

This Week’s Action: RUTS and I try to run up the score against one another….Marco and the Kennels look to knock over AA’s Lamp…the kids in the Day Care aim to nag the Fuck Trophy until she gives up…cellar dwelling Fingercuffs take on the first place Henry….the Sharpie seeks a .500 record at the expense of the Jazz Fluties…the same goes for Das Smoot against Haywood.


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