This Trade Makes No Sense At All.

Sending Orlando Cabrera to the White Sox for Jon Garland doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless you accept the L.A. Times’ line regarding the possibility of taking the starter in the Angels’ backlog who will lose his spot to Garland and ship him somewhere, maybe, say, to Florida for another left-side infielder named Cabrera.

But knowing the tendencies of the Angels’ front office, it just looks like a bad move unless you’re looking to avoid paying the last year of a contract. How many of you actually believe that the Halo front office will actually pull the trigger on a deal for Miguel Cabrera or Miguel Tejada? While Orlando Cabrera is not exactly the best known of shortstops, he is a Gold Glove-caliber one who hits over .300 and drives in runs as well (if all were fair in actually choosing All-Stars, Orlando would have started the All-Star game for the AL last season). Those don’t grow on trees, and damn near every telecast or article I read about him talked about his leadership qualities. Garland is a solid pitcher (or will be a bit better once arriving at Angel Stadium), but I still don’t see the upside yet — the Angels can win the AL West sleepwalking these days. The problem is the hitting.

And unless Tony Reagins is going to parlay OC into a big bat, he lost a clubhouse leader and a good hitter in favor of a pretty good pitcher.


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  1. Can you imagine how ridiculous the Angels would be with both Vlad and Miggy in the lineup? I’m not an Anaheim fan, but I’d much rather they get Cabrera (M) than the Dodgers.

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