More Proof That Some People Will Just Throw Names Out There.

Whenever a coach leaves a major program, as Lloyd Carr has just done, there are several categories of names provided for possible successors to be hired that media will put out there:

  • The obvious, pre-determined first choice (Les Miles)
  • The dark horse that coaches teams up (Brian Kelly)
  • The laughably impossible (Bob Stoops, Bret Bielema)
  • The  “let’s see if anyone buys this” choice

Kirk Ferentz of Iowa is clearly of the final category. Hawkeye fans would be thrilled to watch him walk away and head up to Ann Arbor if offered the job — especially because he’s getting paid $3 million a year to lose to Central Michigan and probably not be part of the bowl conversation this year (“probably” is being kind, I suppose.)

Ferentz’s Iowa teams of the past few years have been maddeningly inconsistent even when he had some decent talent on the roster. Now, having to start from scratch after Drew Tate graduated, Ferentz has turned positively Norval in his offensive play-calling — wait, that’s not quite totally fair, he occasionally shows flashes of competence.  Maybe his kin is Brian Billick, but the problem is, Billick’s actually won something, despite it being due to the defense. The tag of offensive genius that got hooked on Ferentz and had him talked about for NFL jobs has to have worn off by now, right?

Amazing how a head coaching search can allow anyone to throw a name out there and see if it sticks. If Michigan actually hired Ferentz away, it would be just like Lloyd Carr never left.


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  1. As an tOSU alum, I fully support Ferentz for the next coach of UM

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