Above The Rim: Magic Act.

I promise I’ll be better about writing NBA roundups and such in the future, or at least try to be better about it.

Magic 95, Hornets 88 – Orlando likes living dangerously as of late, nearly coughing up 20-point leads on the way to five straight wins. One would think Stan Van Jeremy could do without the extra blood pressure, but a win is a win, and 24 and 15 boards from Dwight Howard along with 19 from Rashard Lewis looks good for a 10-2 start.  Peja did what he could, but a Hornets team without Chris Paul and losing Tyler Chandler in the second quarter isn’t exactly complete.

Jazz 102, Nets 75 – Losing even the fragile Vince Carter at this point in his career is too much for a Jersey team that depends on him to be part of its offensive attack. While Jason Kidd struggled with shooting and not turning the ball over (six turnovers is not a common thing for him), Deron Williams was driving the lane for 20 and six assists of his own.

Grizzlies 125, Sonics 108 –  Sadly, the Sonics are young, very young, and just not that good. Kevin Durant only had 11 points, continuing to learn how to play the game.  Stromile Swift led all scorers with 24, Damon Stoudamire and Hakim Warrick both had 16, and Pau Gasol got his usual double figures in points along with seven blocks (one short of a career high.)

Photo: AP/Ann Heisenfeldt


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  1. The Sonics (veteran or rookie) are continuing to learn about opposable thumbs, and putting a ball in a hoop, while stopping the other team from doing the same.

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