The Red Zone: Week 11 Late Games.

Patriots 56, Bills 10 – Randy Moss watched T.O.’s four TD performance and said, “I can top that. Tom, can you help me out?” Moss had 4 TD catches by the end of the first half. The Patriots did not punt until the 4th quarter, rising questions again about running up the score. But, if no defense is going to put up a competent effort to stop them outside of the Colts, why should Belichick ease off the gas? Even after he pulled Brady, the back-up RBs kept tearing off yardage.

Cowboys 28, Redskins 23 – That 4 TD performance by T.O. looked like it might not be enough in this game, as Jason Campbell had over 300 yards passing himself and two scores, ready to lead the Skins to a lead in the 4th quarter — but then threw a pick to Terence Newman to essentially seal that game.

Jets 19, Steelers 16 – Another overtime game and victory, breaking the Jets’ two month losing streak. The Jets defense definitely showed up, sacking Ben Roethlisberger seven times in the game.

Seahawks 30, Bears 23 – Matt Hasselbeck threw for 2 TDs, but the most notable play was the way Chicago blew a lead on the road and got flashes of the bad old days via a Rex Grossman fumble late.

Rams 13, 49ers 9 – There’s really nothing I can write about this game outside of Marc Bulger throwing for a TD and then a complete display of offensive ineptitude.

Photo: AP/Don Heupel


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