The Red Zone, Week 11: Early Games.

Packers 31, Panthers 17 – In another matchup of Grumpy Old Men at QB, the one with more skills in Green Bay continued to gunsling it like a kid, throwing for three TDs and over 300 yards yet again (two of those going to Mr. Donald Lee, whom you see above). The Packers should be concerned with Ryan Grant going down in the game, but other than that, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t keep rolling into the game this Thursday at Detroit.

Giants 16, Lions 10 – That’s because the Lions coughed up back to back games at home for the first time this year. Kitna may have thrown for 377 and a touchdown, but those two late picks he threw were what sealed it more than any sort of good play from the Giants.

Jaguars 24, Chargers 17 – I’d like to enter David Garrard into the “good, solid starting QB” category. Nothing flashy, but if you don’t throw a pick through 10 games, you’re doing something right as a quarterback. Throwing two TDs and having the human bowling ball Maurice Jones-Drew rush for one also helps. Most satisfying part of this game on TV: watching MJD paste Shawne Merriman on a block.

Colts 13, Chiefs 10 – I should have probably started Jason Campbell instead of Peyton Manning. 163 yards, no TDs, and a pick from Peyton will likely give him a worse score (somehow the scoring in Yahoo works like this.) Adam Vinatieri sucks out this time by hitting his 4th quarter chip shot.

Browns 33, Ravens 30 – Cleveland gets out to a 21-7 lead at the half, lets Ravens back in and take a lead, and almost gets dicked when the officials call a Phil Dawson field goal not good, then reverse it to send it into overtime. The Browns then drive and Dawson nails a chip shot for the win. Brian Billick looked like he was going to have a hemorrhage on the sidelines.

Texans 23, Saints 10 – Mario Williams gets three sacks and a forced fumble, Reggie Bush doesn’t rush for a lot, and Matt Schaub likes having Andre Johnson back big-time. This makes the AFC South the only division without a team under .500.

Cardinals 35, Bengals 27 – Warner and Palmer air the prolate spheroid out, but Palmer’s picked for six twice by Antrel Rolle as Cincy keeps sputtering badly.

Eagles 17, Dolphins 7 – Yeah, this is about the time of the season when Donovan McNabb suffers a pleasant injury. Usually, knocking him out means you have a very, very good chance of winning. Unless you are Miami. John Beck looked like a rookie in his first game under center, while Brian Westbrook dominated as A.J. Feeley stepped in for Donny Mac.

Vikings 29, Raiders 22 – Two touchdowns from Chester Taylor and some bad clock management by Coach Lunch Money means the Raiders continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Where’s JaMarcus?

Buccaneers 31, Falcons 7 – You know you’re having a bad first season as a pro head coach when the crowd is chanting for Joey freaking Harrington. Nice job, Bobby Petrino.

Photo: AP/Mike Roemer


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  1. Cam Cameron will go 0-16 this season calling plays the way he is. Absolutely turrible, to borrow a phrase from Charles Barkley. I’ve seen more creative offenses from Ed “Straight Arrow” Genarro.

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