Rushing The Field, Week 12.

The truly frightening thing about this weekend in college football is that enough happened to let Ohio State back into the national championship game discussion somehow.

The Buckeyes methodically broke down a Michigan team that has sputtered all season due to injury yet thrived due to the quality of the Big 10.  Losing Mike Hart at any point damages the Wolverines so completely that even a hobbled Chad Henne throwing downfield can’t help them.  This makes Lloyd Carr 1-6 against Jim Tressel-led OSU teams, and considering the pending retirement, he’ll be remembered just as much for that as for his national championship team.

I didn’t bother to call my father about Illinois beating Northwestern. I didn’t need to add to the agony, because their fans will be seeing a lot of that in the next few years.

A question regarding Syracuse-UConn: if Pam Ward calls a game that no one really watches and screws up, was that really an error? Was that game truly broadcast?

Florida dispatches Florida Atlantic after the Gator secondary looks to make an actual close game out of it early. The Cult of Tebow will continue to grow as he has his first 20 rushing TD/20 passing TD season.  He’ll have to learn another position to play on Sundays, though, so we’ve got to enjoy watching him dominate as the primary offensive weapon while we still can.

Regardless of what happens for Georgia the rest of the way, teams in the SEC ought to be very frightened of what the Bulldogs can be next year.  Knowshon Moreno had another 100+ yard game with a score against Kentucky, and when (not if) Matthew Stafford taps into more consistency, there will be national championship talk about this team.  As it stands, they’re going to need Tennessee to lose next week in order to get a shot at the conference championship.

Tennessee managed somehow to save itself and possibly Phillip Fulmer’s head coaching job by sucking out against Vandy and coming back from 15 points down.  How, I’m not quite sure, except that it probably has to do with Vandy being Vandy.

Missouri just piles on the points. Watching Jeremy Maclin go for 252 total yards and Chase Daniel throw for 4 TDs is nothing but fun. I really don’t know how these types of gunslinging Big 12 North teams would do against an SEC team right now, but I’d like to see it. Kansas didn’t fall for the trap and easily did away with Iowa State, setting up the game to watch next week in Kansas City between KU and Mizzou.

By the way, Disney overlords, not even that many people in Berkeley wanted to watch Cal-Washington; although many of them might be very liberal, they’re not into that kind of masochism (Cal kept sliding on schedule). Save the rest of us and air the KU-Iowa State game next time.

Gee, one week where Notre Dame didn’t completely embarrass itself on the football field. I suppose not losing to Duke is progress, but the Irish will have their first 10-loss season after Stanford next weekend, and Charlie Weis will have as few excuses available to him as he’s had all season. Nick Saban should understand that feeling — he doesn’t have any after Alabama lost on the bad arm of John Parker Wilson yet again. Doesn’t matter whose recruits you’ve got — major conference programs aren’t supposed to lose to teams like Louisiana-Monroe.

If you lose to Western Michigan with a bowl bid on the line to save a mediocre season, shouldn’t that cost you your job? Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz ought to be asking himself that question in a season where he’s had plenty of inexperienced talent due to injury and off-the-field problems.

-2 rushing yards for the entire game. That’s what Miami got against Virginia Tech. The Hokies will play the Cavaliers next week for a trip to the ACC conference championship.

LSU keeps doing its comfortable little thing where it keeps far enough ahead of teams to where it seems like one could come back on them (and that’s what Kentucky did earlier in the season), but we are dealing with Ole Miss here, and despite some inspired work, the Tigers are still on schedule for the SEC championship game — if they make sure to get by Arkansas, and they’d better pull for Tennessee to win next week. Better to take on the schizophrenic Vols than the the dangerous Dawgs.

West Virginia at Cincy sneakily turned out to be one of the most entertaining games of the day. Pat White’s running for 155 and two scores set the Mountaineers apart. Ben Mauk has been nothing but a complete upgrade for Cincy, but losing a pair of fumbles against WVU is never a good idea.

Oregon learned it on Thursday, Oklahoma on Saturday. Lose your consistent/star QB and you lose your game.  Sam Bradford went and got himself concussed while trying to tackle a Texas Tech player after a turnover. After that, the Pirate Academy was in session, with Graham Harrell hitting Michael Crabtree and his other receivers 47 times out of 72 attempts for 4 TDs. OU can still play spoiler — barring a beating by OK State next week, the Sooners will take on the winner of KU-Mizzou next week for the Big 12 crown and the North’s rep will be looking to get into the BCS title game.

Clemson never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Against Boston College with a trip to the ACC title game on the line, the Tigers flat-lined, with their center fucking up four snaps and Cullen Harper’s receivers having stone hands the whole day, so much so that it made C.J. Spiller and James Davis one-dimensional as running backs. Matt Ryan kept leading BC back until they stole a thin lead from Clemson and a win.

Photo: AP/Paul Sancya


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