The Shakedown, Week 12.

Any time you get to see Dennis Dixon on national TV is a good thing, so enjoy the Ducks as they rip apart the Arizona Wildcats on the Four-Letter tonight.

  1. LSU – They will live and die by the brass ones of Les Miles, and they’ll hold the top spot. Ed Orgeron is not really the type to play spoiler.
  2. Oregon – Gotta run up the score on Arizona in order to keep quiet those who would elevate one-loss Oklahoma or Mizzou teams over them.
  3. Kansas – Iowa State should not be a trap game, but be wary.
  4. Oklahoma – Sam Bradford, one of the most quietly consistent quarterbacks.
  5. Mizzou – Everyone aboard the Chase Daniel for Heisman train now, if Dennis Dixon falters.
  6. West Virginia – Won’t make the BCS championship game. Not happening, but the Big East should be theirs.
  7. Georgia – Elevated due to the awesomeness that is Knowshon Moreno, really.
  8. Arizona State – Still a sneaky threat to finish out with a one-loss season. Lost ground from last week due to UCLA making it much closer than necessary.
  9. Ohio State – The fraudulent are exposed. Now, to take it out on Lloyd Carr yet again.
  10. Virginia Tech – What does it say when I have Tech at #10 yet am unsure whether or not they will actually win the ACC? It says that this is Bizarro College Football Season.

So Long, Suckers!

  • Boston College – Spitting the bit against Florida State was bad enough (and their quarterback rotation), but then losing to Ralph Friedgen (underrated in the Fat Ass Coaches division due to being overshadowed by Charlie Weis and Mark Mangino) and his Maryland team means you may be having troubles with making the BCS or even winning the conference.

They Came From…the ACC???

  • Virginia – Going into Miami and shutting out a bad Hurricanes team 48-0 wouldn’t be any great shakes if the Cavaliers hadn’t been so offensively challenged previously. Who knew Al Groh was capable of competency or excellence?
  • Clemson – So they had a 2-game losing stretch, but I’m still on the bandwagon because Cullen Harper is good under center (a rarity in this conference) and when you have James Davis and C.J. Spiller, you’ve got offense. Clemson is what Arkansas wishes it could be.

Sad Sacks:

  • Notre Dame – I’ll be watching yet again on NBC as I hope and pray for Duke to come in and again make Jabba the Weis look foolish, as if it is particularly difficult any more.
  • Miami – Lamar Thomas would like to know how you came into the O.B. for the last time playing like that and getting shut out.
  • UCLA – Karl Dorrell, you are so, so fired now. Not even beating USC again can save you.

Channel-Surfing Goodness, Hopefully, With Both USC and UCLA Off:

  • OSU-Michigan – Duh.
  • Kentucky-Georgia. Matthew Stafford is sneaky good at QB and everyone knows about Andre’ Woodson now.
  • Mississippi State-Arkansas. I’ll have to watch this on the Lincoln Financial re-broadcast over Yahoo, but I’m now somehow invested in Croom vs. Nutt.
  • LSU-Ole Miss. If only because I hope to watch a sideline interview with Ed Orgeron.
  • Oklahoma-Texas Tech. QB slinging goodness.
  • BC-Clemson: I like Spiller and Davis, I just hope they don’t wear the “Team Grimace” all-purple get-ups.

Upset Call of the Week: Nevada over Hawaii. It ends here, Warriors.

Never Schedule The I-AA Team With The Longest Winning Streak For Your Homecoming Game: I watched this one go down in person. Cal Poly hosted North Dakota State last Saturday, yes — that North Dakota State that has beaten two I-A teams this year (Central Michigan and Minnesota), and blew a 19-point lead with under five minutes to go in the game.


One Response

  1. It’s unfortunate that Dixon had to go down the way he did last night; the Ducks would have killed Arizona if they had him at full strength. Putting the game in the hands of Ryan Leaf’s brother was just asking for disaster. Oregon is now stuck with the Holliday Bowl unless USC can upset Arizona State next Thursday.

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