The Red Zone, Week 10 Late Games.

Chargers 23, Colts 21 – This had all the markings of a Norv Turner Second-Half Choke Job, even after four first half picks thrown by Peyton Manning. Up 23-7, Manning leads a drive that ends in a TD pass for Kenton Keith and converts the 2-point try.  Then, on the Chargers’ next possession, Rivers fumbled in the end zone and Gary Brackett fell on it for a touchdown — the 2-point was stuffed on that try. Then, Rivers was picked, and Norv Turner, in his wisdom, had blown his challenges on obvious plays that wouldn’t be reversed. The Colts drove back down, but a crucial 3rd down pass to Aaron Moorehead went incomplete, and then Adam Vinatieri missed a 29-yard field goal with less than 1:30 left.  It almost erased amazing play by Darren Sproles (who returned a kick and a punt for 2 TDs) and Antonio Cromartie, who picked three of Peyton’s six pack over all. Norv sucked out this time, but he will not be so lucky if he continues to forget that LaDainian Tomlinson is on his team — and LDT was very, very relieved and very peeved at the offense’s ineptitude once again in the post-game interview.

Cowboys 31, Giants 20 – Four TD passes for Tony Romo capped off another banner day, as the Giants look ready to begin a slide if they don’t snap out of whatever it was that caused them to have three delay of game penalties called on them at home in the Meadowlands. Holding penalties robbed Brandon Jacobs of a touchdown that would have tied the game; hell, penalties completely screwed the Giants out of being competitive.

Cardinals 31, Lions 21 – That whole Lions to 10 wins stuff looks less and less probable as the trend of being a really crappy road team continues unabated.  Jon Kitna had two TD passes, two INTs, and two fumbles while Kurt Warner threw well and even his back-up Tim Rattay had a TD pass. Leonard Pope caught two TDs for Arizona.

Bengals 21, Ravens 7 – The garbage time TD for the Ravens does not obscure just how crappy this game was. One would think that was three TDs that made for Cincy’s 21 points; no, it was seven FGs from the foot of Shayne Graham.

Bears 17, Raiders 6 – Offensively inept, an injured Brian Griese made way for the return of the Sex Cannon, and he went deep to Bernard Berrian late to seal a win on the road at Oakland, which could produce no real offense worth mentioning.

Photo: AP/Lenny Ignelzi


2 Responses

  1. I only caught the last few minutes of the AZ/Det game(didn’t know it was on in my area). It was nice to see Pope get into the swing of things; the guy’s a beast.
    And does it make me a bad person to revel in Peyton Manning’s(and everyone currently on the Colts’ bandwagon) misery?

  2. One of the fun parts of the game was watching Norv’s face, which I variously described as “terrified,” “horrified,” “frightened,” and “scared” (which, obviously, all mean pretty much the same thing).

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