A Fool and His Money, Week 10.

Last week I went 6-8, making for a 69-61 record this season. Don’t call me if your bookie comes looking for you after you follow these highly uninformed picks. All home teams in CAPS yet again.

Falcons (+4.5) over PANTHERS – Largely based on the assessment that the Panthers are the most fraudulent 4-4 out there because they have not won a home game and are starting David Carr under center. I’d rather have Joey Harrington than Carr right now (UPDATE: starter will likely be Testaverde. Still do not trust the Panthers.)

PACKERS (-6.5) over Vikings – Adrian Peterson will probably get his yards, but not close to what a damaged Bolts defense gave up. Plus, the pass-all-the-time Pack go up against a Minnesota secondary that doesn’t defend the pass well.

Broncos (+4.5) over CHIEFS – This is not entirely a homer pick as I’m not sure whether the Chiefs can generate an offense without Larry Johnson. At least Jay Cutler will be playing.

Bills (-2.5) over DOLPHINS – At this point, you pick against winless teams until they win.

SAINTS (-11.5) over Rams – See above.

Browns (+9.5) over STEELERS – Radically different Cleveland team from the first game of the season. I say no more than a touchdown despite it being in Heinz Field.

Jaguars (+4.5) over TITANS – Tennessee isn’t winning by huge margins as of late, and neither quarterback is playing lights out football. Look for the Titans to win, but take the Jags and the points just in case.

REDSKINS (-2.5) over Eagles – This line should probably be higher for Washington.

Bengals (+5.5) over RAVENS – I know it seems ludicrous to pick a defense that will allow anything and everything into the end zone, but the Ravens are just so poor on offense that this has to even out somehow to be a game that comes down to a field goal difference.

Lions (+1.5) over CARDINALS – Anything less than 2 is a pick ’em game, so, Lions it is, and it’s not a very tough call to make.

GIANTS (+1.5) over Cowboys – A much different and much better Giants team that can really wreak havoc when it comes to rushing the passer. I say the Giants D-line makes Romo uncomfortable enough to cause a turnover or two. Mostly a “home game” pick.

Bears (-3.5) over RAIDERS – Gimpy Josh McCown or healthy Brian Griese? How about neither? If forced to, I go home team again here.  The Raiders aren’t going to shake out of this.

(Somehow I misread it and thought the Bears were at home.)

Colts (-3.5) over CHARGERS – Too many injuries on the D-line for the Bolts right now and Philip Rivers is in some form of bad funk. I predict plenty of Norv Face.

SEAHAWKS (-9.5) over 49ers – Qwest Field, hosting the awful Niners. Alex Smith is regressing due to having yet another offensive coordinator this season and it really isn’t pretty. The Hags mash on shite teams, especially division foes.


4 Responses

  1. Bears are playing in Oakland this week, so if you’re going with the home team, you’re lining up next to the Black Hole.

  2. Hmmmm. We see eye to eye on many of these, but I think the Cowboys are a much better team than the Giants. This is like the big AFC battle last week, so I expect a good effort from both teams, and the Boys are the better team.

    I also think the Eagles offense is far superior to the Skins offense. I’d still take the Eagles in a pick ’em.

  3. Omar, I’m willing to take a risk on the Giants. The Cowboys are definitely a better team, but I think the Giants just take this one.

  4. […] did give Signal To Noise a look before making my picks, but with his warning prior to listing his picks, I thought better of using […]

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