Mr. Westbrook, You Win The Pre-Season Hair Tourney.

Normally, I don’t have the mental faculties or typing effort to write a whole lot about college basketball prior to late December or so, but reading through the L.A. Times sports section basically determined that UCLA guard Russell Westbrook’s head demanded my attention. That is, because he’s gone with the flaming mohawk look shaved in up top.

The profile is pretty cool, Westbrook will probably be starting in the Friday opener for Darren Collison, who’s got a knee injury to take care of early on. But Mr. Westbrook is already aces in my book for possibly the most unique hair effects on court since one of last year’s Michigan forwards shaved the football/hockey helmet pattern in his head.

I light a B-52 shot in your honor, sir.

Photo: AP/Danny Moloshok


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