Channel 4 News League Recap, Week 9.

This was blowout week. There were four matchups this week that were beats by at least 40 points.

1. I Roll w Chris Henry 8-1-0 .889 1159.94 W-7 2 17
2. I Love Lamp 7-2-0 .778 883.38 L-1 1 14
3. Jazz Fluties 6-3-0 .667 965.80 W-1 12 11
4. Pennsyltucky Power! 6-3-0 .667 841.84 W-3 7 29
5. The Rainmakers 5-4-0 .556 1017.58 L-2 10 10
6. Brady’s F*ck Trophy 4-5-0 .444 1021.66 W-2 3 7
7. SupremeSilverSharpie 4-5-0 .444 971.66 W-3 4 4
8. Haywood Jablome 4-5-0 .444 814.28 L-3 5 3
9. Das Smoot 3-6-0 .333 933.92 W-2 6 18
10. Bad Newz Kennels 3-6-0 .333 915.14 L-3 8 3
11. Benoit’s Day Care 3-6-0 .333 868.72 L-2 11 9
12. Smoot’s Fingercuffs 1-8-0 .111 805.24 L-6 9 7

Supreme Silver Sharpie 146.20, The Rainmakers 96.24 – Guh. This is the karmic backlash I get for a Broncos victory a week ago over the Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger kicks my ass in fantasy. I’m falling faster in the standings than the Broncos are, and it doesn’t help that TSW had Clinton Portis, Reggie Bush, and Randy Moss all show up to play.

Jazz Fluties 111.24, Haywood Jablome 100.06 – Extra P. survived top notch performances from Tony Romo and Terrell Owens in Ted’s service by having Joseph Addai, Tony Gonzalez, and the Steelers’ D.

Pennsyltucky Power! 73.10, I Love Lamp 65.68 – AA loses by having two players start while on bye weeks, allowing RUTS to survive a negative performance from Jay Cutler, with a bang-up 20+ points from GB wideout Greg Jennings.

I Roll W/ Chris Henry 144.28, Bad Newz Kennels 80.22 – Larry continues on a seven-game winning streak thanks to more points from Tom Brady, Bobby Engram, Maurice Jones-Drew, LenDale White, and Jason Witten.  Marco gets torched due to Andre Johnson still being hurt for the Texans and Jacksonville’s defense getting destroyed by New Orleans.

Brady’s Fuck Trophy 141.30, Smoot’s Fingercuffs 87.62 – OMDQ rides Purple Jesus’ single game rushing record to 47 of his 141 points, and then adds 23 from Brett Favre the Gunslinger along with 18 from GB kicker Mason Crosby.  Zach’s Fingercuffs remain in the cellar of the News League.

Das Smoot 149.92, Benoit’s Day Care 97.70 – Peter keeps riding the resurgence of Drew Brees along with the developing awesomeness of Santonio Holmes and Marshawn Lynch.  The underwhelming performance of Shaun Alexnader and the scary neck injury to Chad Johnson didn’t help the Day Care much.

This Week in the League: The Day Care and I look to snap two game losing streaks against one another…Pennsyltucky and the Sharpies run up against each other in a reach for a 4-game win streak…AA takes on his weekend editor OMDQ as the Lamp meets the Fuck Trophy…The Fluties look to be the latest to take a whack at the Fingercuffs….Haywood and the Kennels battle to avoid four game losing streaks…LB and his Chris Henry posse look to win eight straight while Das Smoot looks to knock him off.


2 Responses

  1. Dammit. Moss has the bye this week. I am fucked in my drive to reach .500.

  2. TSW – not so much. Portis goes against a struggling Eagles team and Bush is part of the Saints’ comeback. You will likely be okay.

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