Blah Blah HGH Names.

All apologies to the wonderful Babes Love Baseball for mutilating their usual post title.

Let’s go over the names again: Ankiel, Glaus, Byrd, Schoeneweis, now Jose Guillen (who just opted out with the Mariners) and former MLBer Matt Williams are involved in the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center mess regarding HGH and the Albany (NY) D.A.’s investigation. Now, baseball would like to talk to Guillen about it, of course, as the shipmets came during his time as a member of the Oakland Athletics:

Guillen’s orders included a $2,083 shipment that was sent to the [Oakland] Coliseum in September 2003, records show. His orders were placed between June 2002 and May 2005. Baseball banned steroids in 2003.Guillen hit .290, with 23 home runs and 99 RBIs last season for Seattle. Last week, the Mariners declined an option to re-sign him next season for $9 million. Guillen can invoke a $5 million option, but the Mariners could reject it and pay him $500,000 to get out of the deal.

Also Tuesday, Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall issued a statement of support for Williams, who is a Diamondbacks broadcaster and carries the title of “special assistant to the general partner.”

“Matt is a stand-up guy, who without hesitation, admitted using (growth hormone) and not liking it,” Hall said. In an interview with The Chronicle, Williams acknowledged buying growth hormone in 2002, saying he tried it to heal an ankle injury. The business records also showed Williams ordered steroids, but Williams declined to discuss that.

George Mitchell’s report is going to be a complete letdown in one of two ways: either it will tell us absolutely nothing about the names and how far the problem went, or it will reveal enough to devastate people who thought their favorite sluggers weren’t going about getting the advantage every way they could, supposedly. And lest we forget that such accusations still don’t affect your bottom line, the Indians re-upped Paul Byrd today, despite the HGH cloud over his head — and Byrd will be talking to George Mitchell, along with Gary Matthews, Jr., about HGH.

This is what we know now: teams couldn’t give a shit. As long as you can play, there’s a place for you — no matter what you’ve put in your body. That is, if your name isn’t Barry Bonds and you don’t play nice with everyone. For the stand-up folks, it doesn’t matter. I keep harping on this because the attitude towards the non-Bonds accusations is so light in comparison.

Baseball is getting what it wanted — owners were more than happy to look the other way when this started in the late 80s and they’re happy to look the other way again. It may be a game, but the entertainment value keeps filling seats, and players doing everything they can (even illegally) to keep that entertainment value high will always take precedence.

Shame we won’t acknowledge it.

Photo: AP/John Froschauer


4 Responses

  1. What this is doing though is saying we can all stop focusing our rage directly at Barry Bonds, that he’s a symptom of the real problem and he wasn’t the actual problem himself.

    I know you’ve argued this point as well, but it seems that every time another name gets busted it makes Barry’s record that much more legit and the amount of bile people sprayed at him more absurd right?

  2. Far be it from me to stick up for Bonds, but the people who we, as fans, writers, pontificators, whatever, should focus our exasperation and rage at are Selig, the owners, GMs and managers. They knew what was going on and were complicit in the escalation of the use of PEDs. Is it still going on today? Of course it is, and MLB’s continued Casper Milquetoast-like reaction will do nothing to stop it.

  3. Jibbles – Barry’s record is still legit to me despite the accusations.

    Bruce – that’s more or less what I’ve been getting at. Watch what they do, not what they say.

  4. Nice article… It was rough to hear of Guillen’s implications this last week, especially since he spoke out so harshly against steroids just a year ago.

    You’re right on, though… Guillen will still get the big contract everyone thought he’d get before this controversy, because the owners don’t care.

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