Of Course You’re Disappointed, Morons.

I was dealing with a form of writer’s block this morning, but I swear, if there’s ever a reliable cure for lacking a blog topic to go off on when writing a general blog, it’s scouting the world of sports punditry either in the papers or on TV, because someone is bound to say something completely ridiculous to tee off on.

Both Skip Bayless and Rob Parker on First Take took it upon themselves not to let me down this morning by professing to be disappointed with yesterday’s Pats-Colts game — Skip did so because Marvin Harrison had not played, thus the Colts were not at their best; Parker claimed he was disappointed because of all the hype; Bayless found that an acceptable angle to take as well, despite the fact that the game had the highest regular season rating since 1986. Games featuring two undefeated teams nine weeks into the season will do that.

Management would like to remind Messrs. Bayless and Parker of the cognitive dissonance that must be required to proclaim such an outrageous theory given that the Four-Letter was in the business all last week of anointing the game “Super Bowl XLI.5”; as Kenny Mayne deadpanned a week ago in a SportsCenter tease, “We’re gonna overhype Patriots-Colts to the best of our ability.” I’m fairly sure Bayless was certainly more than interested in opining on the game throughout the week prior, buying into the hype, and now he is disappointed with a fourth quarter comeback, proving the Patriots could win without jumping out in front.

Maybe a suggestion about cutting back on the mini-Super Bowl talk on a regular season game in Week 9 would have helped with that disappointment.

Photo: AP/Michael Conroy


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