Rushing The Field, Week 10.

This really has to be the best picture of the day in college football. Ram Vela basically Soulja Boy’d Evan Sharpley, and Supermanned (or Roy Williams’ed) that ho here. It was a “what the fuck?” moment.

Early Games: Is there some reason ESPN would like to punish the viewing public with Purdue-Penn State and Iowa-Northwestern as the two early games while the Big Ten Network gobbles up Wisky-OSU? I got home after a party last night at about 8:30 AM, saw the matchups on cable, and decided to crash on my couch for a couple hours. Penn State won at home, as they do against mediocre competition (Purdue can’t play D for shit) and Northwestern predictably folded after taking a 17-3 lead at the half (my dad was bitching on the phone about this one, and rightfully so; Jake Christensen didn’t actually complete a pass until the second quarter.)

Bill Callahan’s boxes should already be packed if he’s going to cash in like that against the Jayhawks. Todd Reesing tossed SIX TD passes in a disgusting destruction of what used to be the Blackshirts in Lawrence.  If Mangino had really wanted to keep the starters in longer, they could have hung 90 on the Huskers.

Why was Ohio State able to take care of business? If Wisconsin lacks P.J. Hill rushing the ball, then they don’t have a chance to upset the Buckeyes. Simple as that.

Afternoon Games: Karl Dorrell keeps marching towards the unemployment line. I have no particular hate for Dorrell outside of rooting against anything UCLA, but watching Patrick Cowan struggle with injury yet again and then seeing Ossar Rashaan show flashes of mobility with passes that came up short in relief of Cowan makes me think that Dorrell made a serious error in not having Rashaan ready to play at QB earlier than this point. No coach harboring aspirations to be a serious player in the Pac 10 should lose to Arizona.

If Charlie Weis has not been declared a complete fraud by this point, that fourth quarter call not to kick a field goal to take the lead against Navy should have proved it. Ram Vela got crazy hops in a sack of Evan Sharpley, and then sent the game to OT — when he took Sharpley down, I pulled an Easterbrook and mentally marked “game over” for the Irish. The refs wanted to give the Domers another shot — the PI called on Navy on the Irish 2 point conversion in the 3rd OT was absolute bullshit.

Michigan State remembered late that it was Michigan State and folded against the Wolverines after going ahead by a touchdown late. It is amazing how easy it is to count on Sparty to blow a lead, but the touchdown pass thrown by Chad Henne to Mario Manningham was truly a thing of beauty — I’m still trying to figure out how Manningham came down with that one.

South Florida committed 8 turnovers, which is all you need to know when considering why they lost to Cincinnati.

Jamaal Charles is quickly turning into some kind of fourth quarter wonder for Texas. 125 of his 160+ yards came in the fourth quarter against Oklahoma State, which managed to open up a 21-0 lead on the Longhorns.  Charles rushed for three scores, helping overcome another 3 TD day for Colt McCoy.

Chase Daniel is a bad man. Colorado got out to a quick lead on Mizzou, but the Tigers’ defense held and then Daniel did his work, throwing five touchdown scores in a rout.

Louisiana State has the refs in its pocket. Four out of six reviewed plays were reversed in the Tigers’ favor, and two of them had no business being overturned — one being Caddell’s 40+ yard catch on 2nd and 14, and the other being a catch and fumble recovery by the Tide that was called an incomplete pass after review.  Give LSU this: they know how to take advantage of those calls, and finished off the game. I have no particular love for the Tide or Saban, but they got jobbed on those calls.

Connecticut has a solid defense and the Big East in its pocket right now, although that’s still up for debate with West Virginia still on the schedule. Rutgers coach Greg Schiano might do well to recruit a more reliable QB and some wideouts who can hold on to the ball.

Arizona State’s penchant for playing from behind and coming back to win came back to bite the Sun Devils right on the ass. Trying to keep Dennis Dixon or Jonathan Stewart out of the end zone became a fruitless task when Rudy Carpenter and his running backs couldn’t get the Devils into the red zone with any sort of reliability.

Night Games: Darren McFadden won’t be able to save Houston Nutt’s job, but he may just have ensured himself of top 5 pick status even more after running for 323 yards on South Carolina.  The Razorbacks are nothing but the rush, as McFadden rushed for a score and threw for another — but don’t forget about Felix Jones, who would be lauded even more if he weren’t in D-Mac’s shadow. He just happened to have 160+ yards and three scores.  Blake Mitchell managed to throw for 364 and two scores for the Cocks, but when your defense gives up 561 yards on the ground, what can an Ol’ Ball Coach do?

Oklahoma keeps handling its business on the way to the Big 12 Championship, which will be against either Kansas or Missouri at this rate.

Yes, USC took care of business at home against Oregon State, but didn’t all 24 of their points come in the first half? You could have watched that half alone and just tuned out after that. The Trojans can still beat ASU and UCLA with John David Booty, but they’re still figuring out how to get back to the old form.

Boston College faced its Russian roulette yet again and had what EDSBS would have called its MAO! moment — Florida State knocked off the #2 team in the nation, ensuring that LSU will be back in the championship game talk come later today. Bad weather and even worse play by Matt Ryan (3 INTs) sealed the Eagles’ defeat to an incredibly inconsistent FSU team relying on a QB (Drew Weatherford) it had already cast aside for 300+ yards and two TD passes.

Cal managed to break its losing streak against Wazzu way too late for anyone to care.

Photo: AP/Michael Conroy


4 Responses

  1. Come on Signal. Weis is a genius. That decision to go for it on 4th and 8 was GENIUS. Only geniuses make those genius-type decisions. Genius baby. Genius.

  2. Diallo, there may be something to this: it takes an idiot savant to make a Notre Dame team that bad.

  3. To further Diallo’s point, if Charlie Weis weren’t the Notre Dame coach they’d be 0-8, wouldn’t have a single offensive point and would’ve not only lost to Navy by 4 TD’s, the Naval Academy would’ve taken over the campus.

  4. Devil’s advocate: if Karl Dorrell weren’t the UCLA coach, the Irish would be 0-9. Discuss.

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