Crosstown Traffic.

Frankly, I wasn’t even considering the possibility of Alex Rodriguez going cross-town to play out the rest of his career in Shea Stadium. I don’t even think it’s plausible; I doubt he wants to stick around with the New York media all over his every move. But if he does, that’s all right with me (hell, more than all right), and it’s apparently okay with David Wright, who mouthed off earlier saying he was cool with moving to another position from third base if it meant landing everyone’s favorite mercenary, and then had to shut it when asked about it again.

Now, GM Omar Minaya is going to talk to him about the possibility again, and now I have to think: what if the team I root for actually has a legit shot and will try to land the best player in baseball?

This is a bad free agent class, especially for pitching — and if there’s anything the Mets need in spades after the Collapse, it’s solid starting and relief pitching.  So, Rodriguez doesn’t help there, but what help is there in terms of arms without trying to tempt Minnesota into a deal for Johan Santana (who has one year left on his contract)?  The NL East is a weak division when it comes to pitching, whether it be starters or bullpen. No team went deeper than two good starters.  A team can slug its way to a division title.

Bringing 50+ more home runs and 120+ RBIs a year to Shea, and eventually CitiField, seems like a solid decision if you can swing the 30 big large a year Boras is asking for.  I don’t want to hear a whole lot about how teams might be eliminated because they’re not in “hitters’ parks”; Yankee Stadium isn’t exactly right-handed-hitter friendly, and Rodriguez was able to jack it out there with some frequency.

If the Mets decide to pull it off, I don’t know where they’d move Wright — 2nd base, most likely? But he seems more like a corner guy than someone who can turn the double play with Jose Reyes.  Despite that, it’s not like Minaya has been able to find permanent solutions to the 2B position lately — it’s gone from Jose Valentin to Ruben Gotay to Luis Castillo, mild improvements each way, but if Wright wanted to put the work in, he could be adequate there.

As for A-Rod’s playoff struggling, such as it is: I think, after last season, most Met fans would be more than happy just to make sure the team actually makes the playoffs before we talk World Series possibilities again. Baby steps are the way to go, although Rodriguez is probably about ten baby steps in reality and would be 100 in terms of media expectations.


2 Responses

  1. I’d say the main reason A-Rod won’t be playing across town in Shea Stadium is because it won’t be standing.

  2. BigRicks – well, he would for one year if he signed, but, yeah.

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