Cheap Shots #78: Papelbon Does Letterman, QVC.

  • The Red Sox closer knows who he’s playing to, entering and/or leaving with the jig. [Out in Center Field]
  • The New Testament of the rotation of college hoops coaches. [Storming the Floor]
  • Why would you want to be an assistant hoops coach? The head coach always finds one of his staff members to blame. [The Meaningful Collateral]
  • 10 of the coolest goalie masks ever. [Going Five Hole]
  • Even bloggers are getting ahold of one Premiership player’s pay stub. [The Fan’s Attic]
  • So why isn’t David Stern suspending the refs for violating gambling rules again? [Foul Balls]
  • If Mark Richt had pulled that ish on a Steve Spurrier-coached Florida team, the OBC would have started something. [FanIQ]
  • A perfectly formed rant from a Red Sox fan over last Sunday’s coverage debacle by Fox. [Jebus H Christ]

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