Cheap Shots #77: College Football Manhood.

  1. Comparing cocksmanship to your preferred college football program. [EDSBS]
  2. Dre’ Bly, please claim your jock by stopping in Green Bay on your way to Detroit this weekend. [And Here Come The Pretzels!]
  3. Bob DuPuy is the last person who should be having a tiff with A-Rod and Scott Boras. [A Pudge Is A Sandwich]
  4. Deconstructing the Coach Hobo haterade. [Sports on My Mind]
  5. Looking at the highest paid athletes, and the highest paid NFL player is…offensive lineman Leonard Davis? Isn’t he the one the Cardinals were happy to lose? [Stop Mike Lupica]
  6. Keep Mike Lowell in Boston. [Red Sox Monster]
  7. Pissed at riding the pine? Take it out on the coach’s car! [Sports by Brooks]
  8. Former NFL cornerback gets caught with nudie pic and Sean Salisbury style photo on his cell. [You Been Blinded]
  9. Last-second NBA trades, more Kobe, and when and if LeBron starts going AI and Kobe on the Cavs. [The Commission]
  10. The tale of the Grinch that almost stopped the Orlando Magic from getting a new arena. [The Howeva Files]*

*I note that there are more and more blogs that are taking cues from ESPN personalities to mock them, this time riffing on Stephen A. Smith.


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