Channel 4 News League, Week 8 Recap.

1. I Roll w Chris Henry 7-1-0 .875 1015.66
2. I Love Lamp 7-1-0 .875 817.70
3. The Rainmakers 5-3-0 .625 921.34
4. Jazz Fluties 5-3-0 .625 854.56
5. Pennsyltucky Power! 5-3-0 .625 768.74
6. Haywood Jablome 4-4-0 .500 714.22
7. Brady’s F*ck Trophy 3-5-0 .375 880.36
8. Bad Newz Kennels 3-5-0 .375 832.92
9. SupremeSilverSharpie 3-5-0 .375 825.96
10. Benoit’s Day Care 3-5-0 .375 771.02
11. Das Smoot 2-6-0 .250 784.00
12. Smoot’s Fingercuffs 1-7-0 .125 717.62

I Love Lamp 108.74, The Rainmakers 101.90 – AA beats me despite his QB Jon Kitna underachieving yet again; the probability is that it had to do with Laveranues Coles being stuck with Chad Pennington at that time, plus the fact that I benched Champ Bailey, not sure if he was ready to play.

I Roll w/ Chris Henry 125.04, Jazz Fluties 116.12 – If Extra P. had a competent QB instead of the injured David Garrard, he might have had a shot at winning this week — having Mike Vrabel as one of your defensive players helps counter Tom Brady’s five TDs on the air and on the ground, but Larry holds on.

Pennsyltucky Power! 78.42, Smoot’s Fingercuffs 63.48 – Ummm….I’m not sure what to write here, because RUTS had his QB, kicker, and both defensive players on the bye week and still beat Zach, who played with a full squad.  RUTS got 20+ points out of Reggie Wayne, Antonio Gates, and the New England defense. Losing to an absentee manager = the suck.

Das Smoot 99.64, Bad Newz Kennels 71.56 – Peter is prodded to victory not by an offensive explosion from LaDainian Tomlinson, but 38 points from Drew Brees against a weak San Francisco defense.

Brady’s Fuck Trophy 103.72, Haywood Jablome 64.86 – OMDQ takes Ted to the woodshed behind solid, if not spectacular performances (fantasy wise) from Brett Favre, Purple Jesus, and Frank Gore. Ted suffers from a Cleo Lemon problem at QB and from an injured Marvin Harrison.

Supreme Silver Sharpie 90.80, Benoit’s Day Care 89.72 – Good performances from her QB (Big Ben) both wideouts (Randy Moss and Hines Ward) and one RB (Reggie Bush) is enough for TSW to eke out a win over the Flyers Fieldhouse, who has to be frustrated at the crap output of the non-Derek Anderson and Joey Galloway contingent of the team.

Coming Up This Week: TSW and I go head-to-head, Haywood and the Fluties try to avoid losing streaks, the Lamp tries to feast on the absent Pennsyltucky manager, Chris Henry’s boys invade the Kennels, the cellar-dwelling Fingercuffs try to lock up the Fuck Trophy, and Das Smoot seeks to violate the Day Care.


3 Responses

  1. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about this league. With my new job, I’ve been a little mentally frazzled. I’m still in, I swear. I just completely forgot to set my lineup the last two weeks. For example, the point last week when I thought “Hey! I need to set my News League lineup!” was approximately 2:30 p.m. EST Sunday.

    Plus, I’d normally just do all my fantasy football stuff from work, but I’m not that comfortable using this computer to do it. So it gets pushed back to the “stuff I need to do between dinner and sleep”, which is kind of jammed right now.

  2. Slowly but surely…

    Derek Anderson by the way? Best looking bargin of the year.

  3. RUTS – understandable.

    TSW – it ends this week!

    (I can’t afford to slip any further.)

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