Let’s Make A Deal!


I doubt there’s anyone around to actually be surprised at Alex Rodriguez deciding effectively, to leave the Yankees by opting out, since Brian Cashman has stated repeatedly that he won’t chase Rodriguez without the Texas Rangers’ money involved, and I suppose the Yankees would like to make a clean break if that’s the case.  I’ll happily defend A-Rod because the Yankees don’t even make the playoffs this year if he’s not on the roster and rating high in Triple Crown categories, but I wonder just how revealing it was when the statements to ESPN from Scott Boras talk about the situation being reflective of “his team, his closer, his outfeilders”, as if the team revolved around Rodriguez and his ego.   That might be problematic for whomever might be willing to pay the $30 million per year fee. Who’s realistically going to do that?

Angels – I really am not that sure that Arte Moreno, despite his deep pockets, is going to shift his opinion towards handing Rodriguez a giant chunk of change. Certainly, the Angels are the obvious need here — no power at several power positions, with a chance to get it seems almost too good to pass up.

Dodgers – Again, there’s a need to fill, but I suspect Frank McCourt is less likely than Moreno to bring A-Rod to the L.A. area.

Cubs – Works if you move Theriot to 2B and ask A-Rod to return to short. Has Rodriguez bulked up too much to be effective at his natural position.

Giants – It’d be a great environment, but there would be the stigma of Barry, or having another slugger, yet one who can’t get them near the ultimate playoff goal.

Rangers – I laughed when Peter Gammons even threw this out as a suggestion.  Tom Hicks just got a reprieve from paying him; why would he do it again?

Red Sox – It’s not like Julio Lugo is any sort of dynamite SS with the glove or in the batter’s box. Again, it raises questions of whether he could go back to short and whether the Red Sox feel like they need him — clearly, they’d be fine if they just ink Lowell again and go from there.

Photo: Getty/AFP/Jim McIssac


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  1. The Yankees are going to miss A-Rod and his beautiful face. I mean game.

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