I’ll Believe It When I Read It.

The L.A. Times’ baseball writers have a nice little tidbit at the top of their World Series report, and it has to do with everyone’s favorite used car salesman/commissioner and the recent spate of HGH rumors: Bud Selig may actually suspend someone based on potential violations of U.S. law as opposed to violations of baseball’s drug policy.

Commissioner Bud Selig has not ruled out suspending players who might have violated United States law even if they did not violate baseball’s drug policy, a high-ranking major league official said Wednesday.

Angels center fielder Gary Matthews Jr., who is expected to be summoned to Selig’s office next month to discuss a report that linked him to human growth hormone, could be one of the affected players.

Matthews, Cleveland pitcher Paul Byrd, St. Louis outfielder Rick Ankiel and Texas infielder Jerry Hairston Jr. have been associated with HGH in published reports. Toronto third baseman Troy Glaus, New York Mets pitcher Scott Schoeneweis and Baltimore outfielder Jay Gibbons have been linked to steroids.

In Matthews’ case, SI.com reported he ordered HGH in 2004. Baseball did not ban HGH until 2005. However, steroids and HGH were — and are — illegal without a legitimate prescription.

The commissioner’s office has started to receive information from the New York investigators leading a national probe into Internet drug trafficking, the official said. Documents and other supporting evidence could help Selig determine whether to impose a suspension — and could help his lawyers in arguing any suspension should survive a potential grievance hearing.

Baseball’s current drug policy calls for a suspension of 50 games for any player testing positive for banned substances and 60 to 80 games for “possession or use of any prohibited substance.”

Awwww….that’s so cute, Bud is jealous of Lord Rog and wants to crack some nuts, work on his Dictator-For-Life act. Forgive me if I’m more than just a bit doubtful as to anything actually being done — the union will probably have a field day with some of it, and it’ll be drawn out if he actually tries to bust anyone and hold them to any sort of standard regarding the Signature Pharmacy/Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center mess. So, consider yours truly highly skeptical. But gee, if he could actually get some sort of standard held to, then maybe we could actually talk about what steroids and HGH actually do, whether there are benefits, etc….

Oh wait….that won’t help at all. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


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  1. Nice post. FYI, you might be interested in economist JC Bradbury’s work on the non-benefits of HGH and the hysteria/ignorance with which the MSM handles the issue:


  2. Can Selig suspend himself and all of the owners who looked the other way all this time, which is just as “criminal” as anything a player might have done? Until that happens, he has no leg to stand on, IMO.

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  5. i dont believe!politics always lies!

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