A Fool And His Money, Week 8.

David Carr will start this Sunday for the Panthers if healthy, which means we’ll probably have another glove sighting, but they’ll probably be black for the home game.  I don’t care who you are, white gloves on a QB look really bad.  7-7 last week, 54-49 on the season. Home teams in CAPS, as usual.

Colts (-6.5) over PANTHERS – If the Jags can’t cover against the Colts, what makes anyone think that Carolina can? I’d be more sympathetic to picking the Panthers if they weren’t in the NFC; the only teams that have covered the spread against Indy have been AFC South teams.

Steelers (-3.5) over BENGALS – If you have any offensive players for Pittsburgh on your fantasy teams, I highly recommend starting them this week. Facing a weak Cincy defense does wonders for one’s stats and recovery from a loss.

Lions (+5.5) over BEARS – Not that the Lions will actually win, but I suspect this is a field goal margin, something less than six.

TITANS (-7.5) over Raiders – Vince Young being back should be enough to cover if the Titans’ defense doesn’t perform another disappearing act in the 4th quarter.

Browns (-3.3) over RAMS – This would have to be at least six for me to consider picking the Rams to cover.

VIKINGS (+1.5) over Eagles – There’s not a lot of want-to in Philly right now outside of Donovan McNabb. Minny wants to, they just don’t have a lot of talent outside of Purple Jesus. However, that’s enough to win you a few games.

Giants (-9.5) over DOLPHINS – I’m not sure I should even call this a home game for Miami, since it’s in Wembley. Won’t matter. Giants’ D is playing too well to not create havoc and a defensive touchdown on top of the Eli-to-Plax connection.

Bills (+2.5) over JETS – Jets give up tons of rushing yards. Marshawn Lynch gets rushing yards. Trent Edwards has the Bills at least fighting it out, if not winning occasionally. Buffalo’s holding steady while the Jets are heading downwards.

Texans (+10.5) over CHARGERS – Houston’s falling apart due to injury, but it’s hard to discount the “likely to be playing in Arizona” factor this week for the Bolts. The Chargers’ minds may be elsewhere at times — not enough to blow a game, but enough to allow Houston to get back within 10 points. (I reserve the right to change this to a Chargers’ cover if they play in San Diego.)

BUCCANEERS (-4.5) over Jaguars – No David Garrard, no chance. Quinn Gray’s too shaky and the receivers still can’t catch. It’s not that Garrard did amazing stuff, he just never did anything stupid and hadn’t been picked all season.

PATRIOTS (-16.5) over Redskins – The Pats have only created one push so far this season against the Browns, it’s at Gillette, and I suspect the defense can create at least one pick six on Jason Campbell.

Saints (-2.5) over 49ERS – Playing against a decrepit SF team is good for what ails you. Won’t be huge passing numbers for Brees, but enough respectable work to get out of the Bay with another win.

Packers (+5.5) over BRONCOS – Even a Bronco homer like me won’t give them five and a half right now. I say Elam wins another one with his foot.

Photo: Getty Images/Doug Benc


2 Responses

  1. Perhaps the Colts are looking ahead to next week’s game vs. New England? I don’t know why the line is so low. If it’s a trap, I’ll have to gnaw my leg off to get out of it.

    Same with the Steelers. Looks too easy.

  2. Omar – entirely possible, but if the Jets are putting up major points, you have to take the Bengals’ opponents until Cincy shows some acknowledgment of the concept of defense.

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