The Red Zone: Week 7 Early Games.

This is a weekend full of shite match-ups and a good Monday nighter; however, it becomes notable for other matters if you don’t give a shit about many of the teams.

Patriots 49, Dolphins 28 – And really, it shouldn’t even have been that close. Coach Hobo has to be pissed that his defense allowed 21 points in the 4th quarter, because if they don’t get that screwed on tight, it doesn’t bode well for the matchup with the Colts in the RCA Dome. Tom Brady is now the latest edition of the Sex Cannon, throwing 6 TDs (5 in the first half; two to Moss, two to Welker, one to Kyle Brady and one to Donte Stallworth), and you sense he wants Peyton Manning’s single season TD pass record right now. Side note: someone in the Hazean’s fantasy blogger league has to feel like ass for dropping Welker earlier this week. Too late. I have a #1 waiver claim and he’s mine.

Bills 19, Ravens 14 – Wow, I didn’t think Baltimore was that fraudulent where they could let two rookies like Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch walk on them like that. The AFC North belongs to Pittsburgh until further notice.

Titans 38, Texans 36 – Game of the day so far, as far as close ones go. The beauty of Kerry Collins’ particular brand of suck is that even when he has a good day, the suck spreads to some other aspect of the team — the usually solid Titans defense nearly gave the game away in the end with 29 fourth quarter points allowed. But Collins drove the Titans back down the field, and Rob Bironas hit his EIGHTH, yes, eighth field goal of the day at the end of the game to win it. Hope you weren’t going against Bironas in fantasy either. (I have him in one league, you’re bound to have everyone if you play in four leagues.)

Giants 33, 49ers 15 – Eli Manning is quietly turning into a good, if not great QB, and having his best season yet. Of course, this is easy to do when the recent competition includes Atlanta and San Francisco. Let’s see if Eli, Plax, and Amani can keep it up when they have to go against the Cowboys again later. But that Giants D is SICK. Six sacks, a fumble return for a TD by Osi Umenyiora, and a couple of picks.

Saints 22, Falcons 16 – One TD to Devery Henderson, another to Reggie Bush, and these backsliding teams are just what Drew Brees needs to get back on track. Rule #1 of the NFC South: it’s always still up for grabs. Byron Leftwich actually looked semi-respectable. Too bad he got hurt. Back to Mr. Harrington!

Redskins 21, Cardinals 19 – Yeah, Ken Whisenhunt might not want to have Anquan Boldin doing the trick play on the two point conversion, but they got the onside kick back and were going to polish off the comeback on Washington until Neil Rackers missed.

Lions 23, Buccaneers 16 – Tampa Bay’s solid defense couldn’t match Mike Martz’s attempt to reinvent the Greatest Show on Turf up north. Jeff Garcia and crew tried to make it close late, but the Lions had gotten too far up on the Bucs by that point via a botched handoff and several Jason Hanson field goals.

Photo: AP/Hans Deryk


2 Responses

  1. I just wanted to comment on that Giants San Fransisco game… I am truly amazed by how quickly Patrick Willis has become one of the best players in football. He’s a rook – no doubt one of the talented, humble players in the NFL. He’s second in the entire league in tackles (behind Barrett Ruud) and even though the 49ers offense is terrible, that defense should be really solid for years to come. If he stays healthy, he’s on pace to break an all time tackle record for a rookie and it couldn’t happen to a better guy. I’m a Titans fan, Ole Miss grad, but I am excited to see him playing well. Against the G Men, 13 tackles, 11 solo.
    It’s also pretty interesting that the NFL’s leading rusher is also a rookie – No question, this class will be fun to watch for years to come. LOVE THE BLOG by the way – mine should be back up soon.
    take care

  2. S2N,

    Sadly, the Ravens are frauds. Check out my comments on Sports On My Mind.

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