Stealing Signals: Obvious Sign Of The Apocalypse.

Red Sox 12, Indians 2  – Yep, it’s right on my list: “J.D. Drew coming through in the clutch.” Guess that means it’s time to sit around and wait to be raptured.  The much-maligned right fielder drove in the first five of the Sox’s 12 runs, including a grand slam in the first inning off Fausto Carmona, who did not last through the third inning. The bonanza of scoring proved useful for Curt Schilling, who gave up a solo homer to Victor Martinez and a scoring sac fly later on.  I turned this game off in favor of Auburn-LSU about three innings in.

Now that both of Cleveland’s co-aces get the run-around in games 5 and 6, what does that mean for Jake Westbrook? At least the Indians’ bats must go up against Daisuke Matsuzaka, who has not exactly been the model of consistency. I am not quite sure whether to believe the theory that getting blown out is better than losing a close one in this particular case, because with a 3-1 lead at one point, you’re supposed to finish it off.  Not to say that a franchise like Boston, where not winning the Series is now a disappointment, doesn’t have any form of pressure on them, but it seems that all the heavy shoulders will rest on the Indians’ bats tonight.

Photo: AP/Charles Krupa


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