Stealing Signals: The Greatness That Is Josh Beckett.

Red Sox 7, Indians 1 – Your team’s facing elimination. Your ex-girlfriend is singing the anthem and “God Bless America” in the opponent’s stadium. Whaddaya do? If you’re Josh Beckett, you get wicked — giving up only five hits and one run in eight innings total, strike out 11, walk one, dominating another start by just doing what you do and letting the offense take care of itself.  Kevin Youkilis took the first shot off C.C. Sabathia, driving a homer off the lefty, but when Manny Ramirez drove in David Ortiz to make it 2-1, the game was effectively over, even though Youk tripled in another run after that and the gates opened up.

As for his ex: “I don’t get paid to make those (expletive) decisions,” Beckett barked. “She’s a friend of mine, that doesn’t bother me at all. Thanks for flying one of my friends to the game so she could watch it for free.”

Now that is a badass right there. Pay your respects.

Photo: AFP


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