Cheap Shots #74: NFL, North of the Border?

  • Would the Bills work in Toronto? [Epic Carnival]
  • Where are the Russians in the NHL right now? [PopJocks]
  • The security guard who designed the Ravens logo in exchange for a helmet wants cash now. [Scott Van Pelt Style]
  • GC reads Phil Mushnick so you don’t have to*, and discovers some not-so-nice words used to describe Stephen A. Smith. [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]
  • How the men’s golf tour in Japan proceeds given the popularity of its ladies’ tour. [With Malice]
  • U.S. soccer busting up the Swiss: it don’t mean that much. [The Beautiful Game]
  • Mmmm…..Cuban sandwiches. [Ladies…]
  • Austin Powers has invaded college football…as Lou Holtz. [Digital Headbutt]
  • Interviewing the man behind SI’s Extra Mustard. [The Big Picture]
  • The best hoops-related SportsCenter ads. [Game Recognize Game]
  • God is fucking with the Trojans’ flight to South Bend. [Sports by Brooks]
  • Steelers kicker Jeff Reed, out on the town with his shirt off again. [Mondesi’s House]

*The CSTB crew reads a lot of bad sportswriting so the rest of us don’t have to. This is admirable.


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