This Could Only Come From Someone Who Doesn’t Watch The Games.

If you are a college football fan, and received a major kick out of the upsets and BCS confusion that’s going on this year (except when your team is involved), well, Bill Plaschke doesn’t quite agree with you. The L.A. Times columnist whines and moans for the teams to hate that are playing for the championship; that South Florida vs. Rutgers being the game of the week on Thursday: “It may be fair, it may even be occasionally fun, but it’s just not right.” Oh, if only those upstart programs wouldn’t be so damn good! Then, we could root for the entrenched, powerful programs, and everything would be right with the world!

I miss great teams to hate. I miss creaky characters to love. I miss familiar fight songs and enduring stadiums and Bevo.

This college football season, I really miss college football.

And I’m not alone.

“Parity in college football is great for the coaches and players, but you have to look at the reality of it,” said Bob Davie, former Notre Dame coach and current ESPN broadcaster. “From a television and fan perspective, you need the traditional powers to be strong.”

College football needs USC and Notre Dame to be good like baseball needs the New York Yankees to be good.

College football needs Alabama and Penn State to be strong like basketball needs the Lakers to be strong.

Does college football really need third-ranked Boston College to play for a national title after a schedule that includes Army, Massachusetts and Bowling Green?

Does college football really need Steve Spurrier throwing down his visor for a school known as the Gamecocks?

And can’t college football just ship eighth-ranked Kentucky to Dick Vitale?

“The new kids on the block are nice, but they will always be fighting credibility,” Davie said. “They will always be met with high doses of skepticism.”

College football needs Goliaths, it needs George Gipps — it doesn’t need teams that make us feel like we’ve been gypped.

You know you’ve got a loser of an argument when your main quotes for support are Bob Davie and Beano Cook.

Why not just hand the fucking BCS trophy to whatever powerful team happens to come out of the SEC or Pac-10, regardless of how many losses they have? Again, there has been really nothing better than this complete clusterfuck that all the upsets have caused this year. It only fuels the annual debate that is college football, where if you have more than one loss, you’re not winning the championship, and it makes more teams competitive, where nothing can be taken for granted on any given Saturday. Yes, there are strong teams that will win much more often than they lose, but the potential of losing, that’s what keeps you watching and makes the teams that stay alive even more exciting.

I want to see if South Florida will pull it off. I don’t think they can, but then I didn’t think they could beat Auburn and West Virginia. Shows me what I know. Now, I get to sit back and enjoy the next few Saturdays, as more teams fall. If you believe it’s not college football unless USC, Notre Dame, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas or some other traditional power is in the title hunt, then you don’t like college football a hell of a lot, do you? How someone is able to say that this season is “not college football” while watching a program that didn’t exist 12 years ago compete for a national title shot is beyond my comprehension.

And Piscataway isn’t that hard to say, Bill — say it with me: “Pis-cat-uh-way.” Not difficult.

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  1. Fellow columnists/writers always praise Bill for his writing style, but the type of arguments he presents on issues like this and the infamous DePodesta era are just dumbfounding. Maybe it’s just because new teams require a bit more work for national columnists, and he’s still in makeup for Around the Horn.

  2. he says “Does college football really need third-ranked Boston College to play for a national title after a schedule that includes Army, Massachusetts and Bowling Green?”

    but it would be ok for Notre Dame to be up for a National Championship with Army, Navy, Air Force and Duke on their schedule. Maybe I am confused but I thought people loved Boise State last year. Why can’t that be USF this year.

  3. In other news: Notre Dame still in BCS contention.

  4. What an idiot. So, why exactly does he think other teams exist? Simply to fill the schedules for the traditional powers? Schmuck.

  5. Can we start to recognize that the Big 10 might be worse than the ACC/Big East this year??

    How does Bill defend a “traditional” power like OSU getting to the Nat Cahmpionship game playing in one of the weakest conferences in the country…or ND playing in BCS games just to get blasted…how is that good for college football…I think most people are sick of the USC’s and Texas’, and seeing these non traditional teams climb the ladder gives the rest of the country hope that their college can make a BCS game finally

  6. I heard Colin Cowherd (I know, I know, what was I thinking?) bitching about this game, too. His stance was teams like USF were bad for college football because of TV RATINGZ~

  7. I think if Los Angeles had an NFL team, he wouldn’t be so pissy about this. Especially since UCLA sucks, and USC isn’t anywhere near as good as they were supposed to be.

    Also, he looks like a Muppet that Jim Henson deemed unworthy of television.

  8. I don’t want USF to win the national title, but I can’t understand the arguement against them when their two biggest games were primetime ESPN. It’s not like they are playing on a shitty regional network. Everyone should have seen them. And if anything, this is the best thing to happen for college football because basketball schools (Kentucky, Kansas), pro cities (BC, USF), and national powers (OSU, LSU) are in contention. Where was this arguement when UF played George Mason in the Final Four? Oh, it’s ok to have a Cinderella in basketball because they have a tournament. My bad.

  9. Sportswriters clearly thing we are a bunch of dumb mongoloids who only respond to the light being emitted from our TVs when the names “USC” or “Alabama” pop up. They don’t understand that your average fan loves a good Cinderella story way more than they like seeing Notre Dame win.

    In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so vacuously stupid that they only watch College Football when (insert traditional power here) are playing. It doesn’t work like baseball!

    The best part about this is that this douche would have been writing the same thing 25 years ago when those upstart programs in Miami and FSU had the audaciosness to become good.

  10. Oh this argument was most definitely around during the Mason run — well, not so much during the run as after it when Florida beat up on them in the semis and UCLA apologists blamed the title game loss on UF having too weak an opponent.

  11. BB – I think Plaschke just mailed this one in. Doesn’t excuse it.

    Huh? – Yeah, I don’t get that either. Everyone in blogland was talking about Boise State for a good solid month after that Fiesta Bowl game.

    SS – if most sportswriters had their way, Notre Dame would always be in a bowl game, no matter how much they sucked in the regular season. I’m convinced of this now.

    Extra P. – all your teams are simply cupcakes. God forbid they do anything like win their games.

    Jamie – I’ve beaten on the Big 10 all year, and will not give OSU a number one slot at any point because of the weakness of the conference. The Big East has tougher teams now.

    Kyle – somewhere along the line, the sports opinion-makers have to stop talking about the fucking ratings. Ratings are about the people who don’t much care about sports watching them, and that’s not really all that important.

    Phony – there’s probably some of that in there.

    MLM – Yeah, ESPN has shown at least three USF games this year; I surmise that some sportswriters just don’t want to get up at 9 AM Pacific to watch them.

    Eric – Right. For college football die-hards, Saturdays are a lost cause, either spent in front of a TV at home or at the sports bar trying to watch three games at once. I would just ask that before writing a column on how this season is “not college football,” the writer would consider that maybe he just doesn’t like college football that much.

  12. That’s right, because a team that wasn’t a power in 1874 can’t ever become one. It’s not like the University of Florida’s program was a footnote in the SEC until the late ’80’s and then, over the course of 10 years became one of the more popular programs in the country…oh wait, it did actually happen that way.

  13. Remember when the Big East had a better winning percentage against the other 5 BCS conferences than anyone else? No? Well it could be hard to remember last year, I guess.

    I have no idea, but it’s not a stretch to think they’ve done it again so far this year. Go Bulls.

  14. […] Signal to Noise wrote a fantastic post today on “This Could Only Come From Someone Who Doesnât Watch The Games.”Here’s ONLY a quick extractIf you are a college football fan, and received a major kick out of the upsets and BCS confusion that’s going on this year (except when your team is involved), well, Bill Plaschke doesn’t quite agree with you. … […]

  15. Sportswriters hate it when Alabama is good. Show me a time in recent memory when the national chatterati heaped praise on the Tide, because I haven’t seen it.

    That being said, Bill Plaschke is an idiot. I’ve never heard him say one thing about college football that remotely made sense. Would I have switched over to Versus to watch Southern Cal and Stanford in any other year? No, but I did this year. I think most true fans of college football love a season like this, as opposed to ’05, when Texas and Southern Cal went wire-to-wire.

  16. Plaschke is right….it’s not right that lousy teams like usf hang around until November or possibly Deciembre.

    However if you watched the last few BCS games you know that 4-5 weeks rest as a lead-in to the Bowl season for the “student-athletes” usually is enough to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    The pretenders get shucked in a hurry.

    So if USF and BC hang around long enough one of the SEC teams will rip their lungs out.

  17. […] This Could Only Come From Someone Who Doesn’t Watch The Games. [image]If you are a college football fan, and received a major kick out of the upsets and BCS confusion that’s […] […]

  18. Bill P. is an idiot. This is my first real season paying attention to CFB (other than RU, and a little of the Big East), and watching all these upsets has been great fun!

    You never know who’s going down next. And that’s one of most awesome parts of CFB.

  19. I totally agree with you on a couple points, but let’s actually look at last year…

    Boise State wasn’t doing anything they normally don’t last year. They had, as of last year, the second best record in the last 4 years. Right behind who? Oklahoma.

    Look at programs like Washington and Arizona where there are great coaches in place that will have Pac 10 contenders in a matter of a season or two.

    Do I love seeing my hometown team, Oklahoma, play in a BCS game every season? Yes, but I also enjoy the too rare WAC or MAC team making a BCS run. Do I think there should be a playoff? No way. Are you telling me Florida didn’t look like a champion? The biggest problem is that there is such a long wait from the last regular season game to the championship. Oh and Kansas doesn’t play Texas, OU, or Texas Tech. They also scheduled the easiest non-confrence games possible. When they are undefeated going into the Big 12 Championship don’t say I didn’t warn you. They are one upset of Oklahoma in the championship away of playing in the title game.

    And face it, after all this USF lost. The championship will be something like LSU and OU… unless Kansas sneaks in.

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