Quarterback Follies.

The Joey Harrington Era is now officially over in Atlanta, as Bobby Petrino has decided to hand the offense over to Byron Leftwich for the rest of the season, saying the former Jacksonville QB will give them a better chance to win (obviously — no one really wants to trust a franchise to Harrington.) At least we can say this for Petrino now: he’s obviously not interested in tanking to get a chance at Brian Brohm. If Atlanta winds up doing poorly enough to draft the Louisville QB or Kentucky’s Andre Woodson, it won’t be intentional.

Let’s review that tally on the QB carousel. First, signal callers who have lost some time due to injury (at least initially):

  • Jake Delhomme (elbow)
  • David Carr (back)
  • J.P. Losman (something leg-related)
  • Trent Green (concussion)
  • Marc Bulger (ribs)
  • Josh McCown (ankle, I believe)
  • Matt Leinart (shoulder)
  • Kurt Warner (ligament)
  • Vince Young (quad)
  • Chad Pennington (ankle)
  • Alex Smith (don’t recall)

Now, the more interesting list — this one’s for sucking:

  • Rex Grossman
  • Charlie Frye
  • Steve McNair (part injury, part sucking)
  • Tarvaris Jackson (although he’s starting again)
  • Joey Harrington

This is the kind of turnover that gets Vinny Testaverde, Kelly Holcomb, Tim Rattay, and Tim Hasselbeck jobs again. Let’s say that this latest removal of Harrington won’t do much to help the Falcons — Jerious Norwood is showing up, big time — what they need is for their receivers that aren’t Crumpler to maybe catch a ball or two.

Who’s next on the QB Death List? I say Eric Mangini puts up with two more weeks of Pennington before going to Kellen Clemens.

Photo: Doug Benc/Getty Images


7 Responses

  1. Joey will be back! It’s not his fault the Falcons offensive line is terrible. Lefwich is going to do nothing more than Joey has.

    Long Live Joey Heisman!

  2. S2N,

    Here’s a question, why can’t Aaron Brooks find work?

  3. Des – part “black quarterback” stigma and part that he has been so ridiculously hot and cold at times that you don’t know what you’re getting. I seriously think coaches are more comfortable knowing that they’ve got mediocrity rather than mercurial skills.

    That said, Brooks has had some lamentably bad coaching. Jim Haslett is not exactly an offensive mastermind, and let’s not go into the abortion that was the Raiders offense under Art Shell and Tom “Bed And Breakfast” Walsh last year (Walsh deserves special disdain for saying Randy Moss had lost a step and was done after last season.)

    Chris – Joey has had a bad string with teams that can’t protect him, but I don’t think he’ll be much more than mediocre, ever. Flashes of good stuff with periods of abject horror.

  4. Here’s a good “Why isn’t XX playing?” guy….

    Quincy Carter. He had a great season in Arena 2, lead his team to the playoffs and was one play away from the championship. He has cleaned up his life, and wants in the NFL. Maybe he looks like a risk, but Herm Edwards took that risk before and Quincy went 2-1, and the one loss was a loss to the Ravens off of a running back pass late in the game that was Herm’s fault for calling. I can’t imagine why he isn’t at least mentioned.

    And I think the Ravens should just throw Troy Smith out there and say “when the line misses a block, run.”

  5. Quincy Carter isn’t playing because he can’t stop smoking weed.

    I have no problem with anyone smoking weed, but most NFL teams do.

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