Stealing Signals: Purple Reign.


Note: I wrote the header before I went over to read the recap at Yahoo and saw they were using the same one. Fuck it.

Rockies 6, Diamondbacks 4 – Words I never imagined typing, ever: The Rockies have won the National League pennant.  A six-run fourth inning, capped by a three-run homer by Matt Holliday, provided the margin necessary for Colorado to put the brooms to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and shove Eric Byrnes’ words back into his mouth. How fitting he is the last out in the series, stupidly trying to slide headfirst into first base.  Set-up man Brian Fuentes almost gave the whole thing back before Manny Corpas was brought in, and locked it down despite allowing a runner on base in the 9th.

I am happy for the players, especially the above-pictured Todd Helton, who has deserved a chance to get to the post-season, never mind get this far. However, I still dislike their front office — the Monfort brothers and Dan O’Dowd have had few excuses for a commitment to mediocrity for the better part of the decade, and one amazing run will not be enough to wipe that away in my mind.  I watched the organization fritter away the head of steam built with the 1995 Wild Card team; if they do it again after this run, it will be a disgusting spectacle. I will leave Monfort’s tribute “to the fans in His stadium” alone in the post-game celebration alone for now.

(Funny story about Fuentes:  he used to pitch for the semi-pro baseball team in town, and one of our sports guys got an email before the game from someone with the team saying, “Fuentes is going to the World Series.” When he gave up those three runs, our guy wrote him back, saying, “Next time your pitcher throws a no-hitter, congratulate him in the 6th inning.” Well, he’s still going to the WS anyway.)

Indians 4, Red Sox 2 – I suppose I was wrong about Jake Westbrook. Dude pitched 6.2 solid innings with help from Kenny Lofton, who was the last person in that line-up I would have picked for an early home run for a lead. Westbrook only gave up a 2-run jack to Jason Varitek, and the rest of the bullpen held. The Red Sox need to wake up if they want to make a series out of this, particularly because Daisuke Matsuzaka was his inconsistent self on the road once again.

Photo: AP/David Zalubowski


3 Responses

  1. I’ve been speaking in superlatives all day. Unbelievable doesn’t even cut it.
    I know you have Denver roots, so I have a question…
    What was more ridiculous from a “shake your head in wonder every three seconds:” the Broncos first Super Bowl, or this?

  2. This has to be it, Rev. The Broncos’ Super Bowl victory was certainly a “smack your forehead” sort of thing against a loaded Green Bay team, but the talent had been there in ’96 when they lost to the Jags in that 2nd round upset with a stacked team favored to win it all.

    The Rockies are just “where the fuck did this come from?”

  3. I think you’re right. It’s about the craziest feeling I’ve probably ever had. This is the Rockies. The Rockies! Unreal.

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