The Shakedown, Week 8.

Before I get into the usual listings and such, I must note that if you missed overtime in last night’s Nevada-Boise State tilt, you missed another feast of an ending, with both teams scoring back and forth at will until Nevada failed on a 2-point conversion try in the 4th OT. One of the Deadspin commentariat believes UCLA AD Dan Guerrero ought to do everything in his power to bring Chris Peterson to coach the Bruins after they fire Karl Dorrell. Peterson will get his big-conference gig — just wait. Now, to the list, as the first BCS rankings are released:

Good Feeling:

  1. South Florida – Sorry, OSU, no dice. Your biggest win has been over a mediocre Washington team as opposed to the Bulls topping both Auburn and West Virginia. We’ll see what the Bulls do against Rutgers and Cincinnati, but they will be repping the Big East in the BCS — whether it’s for a national championship is another matter.
  2. Ohio State – See above.
  3. Boston College – If OSU has to take a hit, then so should BC for an even worse ACC — and we’ll see just how much BC deserves to be #3 after this week against Va Tech.
  4. LSU – There’s no shame in losing to that Kentucky team (although there is always some if you pride yourself on not losing), and if they win out with all others above them losing, they’ll be in the championship game just like Florida was last year.
  5. Oklahoma – The Sooners can still decimate people; I just think their loss at Colorado wasn’t as quality as LSU’s to Kentucky. They move above the Gamecocks due to a more impressive win.
  6. South Carolina – Could Steve Spurrier get the Gamecocks to an SEC title faster than anyone thought? Maybe Lee Corso’s declaration serves as inspiration.
  7. Kentucky – A thing of beauty, topping LSU in overtime like that, but that loss to the Gamecocks still hurts.
  8. Oregon – Still a big contender for the Pac-10 title — with USC on the outs and Cal vulnerable, they could knock ASU and plan their Rose Bowl trip.
  9. Arizona State – Beat Cal in two weeks at home and you, Sun Devils, are a dark horse MNC contender with your unbeaten record. Run the table in the Pac-10 and you should be in the championship game, no questions asked. After Cal, this squad against Oregon would be the big test.
  10. West Virginia – If South Florida slips, a BCS spot belongs to them.

Gone Daddy Gone:

  • Cal – As I explained earlier this weekend, Jeff Tedford’s program loses a game it shouldn’t due to clock problems and general bad handling of pressure, and after that home loss, they get to go on the road against UCLA and Arizona State.

Add It Up:

  • Arizona State – Buy your bandwagon tickets now; we’re offering for the second straight week in a row. Dennis Erickson has taken Rudy Carpenter and Ryan Torain and turned that team into a force right now.
  • Kansas – Say it with me. The Jayhawks are 7-0. It won’t last. It can’t.
  • Texas Tech – Yarr. Graham Harrell has turned himself into a Heisman candidate by putting up the sick numbers everyone associated with Colt Brennan earlier without the interceptions.

Kiss Off:

  • Georgia – again, no supposed SEC power should be beating Vandy by only four and then stomping on their logo.
  • Illinois – Ron Zook will be coming back to earth against a Michigan team that is nothing but Mike Hart (yet that will somehow be enough.)
  • Alabama – If you really want to know how far Nick Saban has to go with this team, it’s dodging a bullet against Ole Miss. Please feel free to pencil them in for a loss.

To The Kill:

  1. Florida over Kentucky in a bare-knuckle shootout in Lexington that probably winds up in overtime as well.
  2. Tennessee goes to Tuscaloosa and survives the Saban smug front by a field goal.
  3. Texas Tech takes out Mizzou on the road as the most dynamic spread offenses in the Big 12 take each other on.

Photo: AP/Matt Cilley


3 Responses

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  2. The Bulls have a big test this week against the Scarlett Knights, but nice to see them atop the rankings.

  3. Not only is Harrell a possible Heisman candidate, but how about their freshman WR? I believe his name is Crabtree, but I’m too lazy to look it up. But I don’t care what system you’re in, the numbers are simply unreal.

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