Stealing Signals: Landslide.

(This covers games played from Friday through Sunday, because I wrote nothing on the Indians-Red Sox on from those days either.)

Rockies up 3 games to none on the Diamondbacks: There is a disgusting stat that was flashed on TBS near the end of the Game 3 telecast: The Rockies were 79-1 when leading after eight innings. I wonder if this stat is accurate; I remember Brian Fuentes blowing saves earlier in the season while he was the closer. However, if true, it is an absolutely frightening statistic that reveals just how good Colorado’s bullpen is. It doesn’t have the chance to be that good if the offense can’t get them leads, and whether it be 2-1 like on Saturday or the 4-1 finish on Sunday (in a game where all the runs came via the longball), that makes the team a very, very scary proposition to deal with. The pressure is on Arizona to avoid embarassment, because there is not one person who believed Colorado could make a run like this; I don’t know of anyone in the sporting world, not even the biggest Rocky die-hard, who thought this team could represent the NL in the World Series. There’s one more game to finish, though, before considering whether this team’s game can translate against an AL team. Eric Byrnes ought to keep his mouth shut, or he’ll be commentating from Fox’s studio on the Series faster than he thinks.

At least one of the LCS this year will be a series: Josh Beckett may have dominated Game One, but Cleveland showed its resilience, battled right back in Game 2, and forced Boston to go into its bullpen to the man who makes Red Sox fans swear at the mention of his name. A six-run 11th inning capped Game 2 for the Indians, who are headed back to Jacobs Field hoping for another Canadian soldier invasion near the Cuyahoga and the bats to keep heating up. Daisuke Matsuzaka will not fare well in Game 3, I suspect, and while Jake Westbrook is not my idea of a solid starter for a crucial game, if the Indians steal this next game, the pressure falls all on the Red Sox.

Photo: AP/Ed Andrieski


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  1. What I think is scary about the Rockies right now is that Tulo and Holliday are barely hitting.

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