The Shanahan Method Keeps Spreading.

Yes, the comeback by Dallas at the end of the game with the Bills was pretty amazing, but this isn’t about how the Cowboys came back from being down quite a bit due to Tony Romo’s five picks and a lost fumble to win at the last second, impressive as it was (and as sad for Buffalo as it was, seeing as how they had a signature upset on their hands and lost it.)

No. This is about Dick Jauron being the latest coach to pull a Shanahan and freeze the kicker with a time out just before the field goal attempt, which went up and through. At least this time, it didn’t work, as Nick Folk knocked the second 57-yard attempt through. Rightfully, the MNF crew got really, really pissy about the entire matter (especially Tony Kornheiser, who said that should be looked at and a rule put in place against it during the off-season.)

This is not a “good for me and not for thee” approach. I didn’t much like it when Mike Shanahan did it to the Raiders, and I hated it just as much when Lane Kiffin became a quick study and did it to the Browns. It’s just lame, and it deserves to backfire on the coaches that use it at every opportunity. One of the sports guys in the newsroom explained exactly when this last-second icing would stop: “This will only end when it backfires: when the kicker misses the first one, yet hits the second one right through the uprights.”

I’ll be the one laughing at the TV when it does.

Photo: AP/David Duprey


4 Responses

  1. That game was an emotional roller coaster. The last 6 mins were just wacky. When Jauron called that timeout, I was cussing him out something fierce. It’s pretty much a dick move. After theAuburn and Cowboys successes, maybe coaches will give it a rest for awhile.

  2. It’s a punk move, so much so you would think that Tony LaRussa
    originated it. What I also noticed is that after a five interception, one fumble game, who does MNF talk to after the
    game? Effing Tony Romo!!! He’s gonna be the next Brett Favre.

  3. I first got all pissy about this ridiculous rule when it happened to the Raiders, and I got a lot of responses telling me that I was a whiney Raider fan and that this was just good coaching on Shanahan’s part ( title=”″>). I guess now that a team like the Cowboys was almost robbed of a hard-earned victory, people seem to finally be with me on this.

    – The Sports Biotch

  4. wow, sure did screw up that html…

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