Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event.

Somewhere along the line this week, I looked back through the archives, because I knew I started this blog in October of 2006, but wasn’t sure of the actual date. Turns out today marks the blog’s first birthday, and looking through those early archives, I can say with complete confidence that the topics, content, and writing have VASTLY improved from those very, very early days.

(Things I learned to stop writing about in this forum: general politics and dumb celebrities. I have to write about both enough during my day job. I do promise to bring back more of the random music writings.)

Nevertheless, there have been highlights, and how does one celebrate a blog’s birthday? With ego puffery and some of my favorite writings that wound up getting posted, first. Here are my favorite posts of the past year.

One year of blogging, and still going. The funny thing is that there’s a community out there, and I’ve stumbled into one with my News Team mates and plenty of other folks out there on the eBays. If I link to all of you, it’d last forever, so I’d like to thank all of you who linked, commented, and just read the site at all.


6 Responses

  1. Hooray! You class up my google reader. Congrats.

  2. TGB – thanks. I’m still in shock at being associated with any form of “class.”

  3. I forget – what is the acceptable gift for a blog’s first anniversary? Paper? A new keyboard? Strippers? Beer?

    Congrats on keeping this thing going for a year, and keeping it going well. Everyone always says there are good blogs and bad blogs – you’re definitely one of the good ones, one of my first Google Reader stops every day.

    And I’m not just saying that because we’re “colleagues”. Really, I’m not. Seriously.

  4. OMDQ – more hours in a day would be nice. Thanks for the kudos.

  5. How about a new mouse? Happy belated, Signal. Oh yeah, and I hope Marion Barber gets carted off in the 1st quarter tonight. (without a serious injury, I’m not a complete jackass)

  6. Amazing. My blog-birthday is Friday. I had no idea we were struck by the inspiration to write for free on almost the same day.

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