Travis Henry May Have Some Difficulty With Those Child Support Payments.

Denver’s favorite baby daddy has bigger problems to deal with right now than the child support for his nine children spread across the American South: reports from Newsday say Travis Henry is suing the NFL in order to keep them from using drug tests results to suspend him — Henry is a two-time violator of the league’s substance abuse policy, and a third result would put him out for a year without pay. He’s arguing the league violated the policy itself by not allowing his experts to be present for the test.

Henry fired the first salvo in the case Sept. 20 when he attempted to get a restraining order in Suffolk County Supreme Court to block the NFL from using a urine specimen against him and to stop the league from disclosing the test results.

Court papers filed in the state court action couldn’t be reviewed late Thursday, and Henry’s attorney Robert Dapelo of Patchogue declined comment. But papers filed by the NFL on Monday in federal court suggested that Henry may have failed the test because the documents stated that Henry was trying to stop the league from testing his specimen and “suspending from his employment with the NFL.”

The Fox station in Denver is claiming Henry failed due to smoking pot (you all probably know my feelings on this; marijuana should be legalized and taxed like tobacco); the reason the suit is being filed in New York area courts probably has to do with the location of the NFL’s offices. Regardless, not good news if you’re a Broncos fan, despite the probability that Selvin Young will be a more than adequate replacement. Plug-and-go in terms of running backs got so, well, predictable, and it was nice to sign a feature back. Expect Shanahan to rely more on Cutler’s arm to set up Young if this is the case — the exact same approach that fucked them last week in the game against the Colts.

Usually Mike Shanahan does enough to fuck up your fantasy team on his own; this year, he doesn’t need his star RB’s help. Odds are someone else picked up Selvin Young already, too. Fuck.

Photo: AP/Darron Cummings


4 Responses

  1. Those ‘shots’ players often take to be able to play are worse than any pot Holland has to offer.

    This isnt performance enhancing, it has nothing to do with maknig yo play better.
    This is false morality and fits perfectly with the fascist mentality that pro sports breeds.

    Its as stupid as if the league decided to suspend players who eat shellfish and pork because some old book says so.

    Pot, shellfish and pork dont enhance anything but your waistline, which means the league should promote them to the sumo wrestlers that pass as linemen.
    I was in Japan this year and saw a sumo tournament and apart for one humongous whale, the majority of sumo wrestlers are smaller than your average NFL linemen.

    Which brings me back to pot.
    Heavy NFL offensive and defensive linemen have a 52 percent greater risk of dying from heart disease than the general population and last year more than 500 players were listed at that weight or more on NFL training-camp rosters this summer.

    If you ever hear the NFL talk about the health of their players, have a joint and a good laugh.

    I also think its fitting to tie this with the death of 49ers player Herrion collapsed in the 49ers’ locker room after the team’s Aug. 20 exhibition in Denver. An autopsy had showed that the kid’s heart was scarred and oversized and that heart disease had blocked his right coronary artery. He was only 23.

    Maybe having a good laugh isnt a good idea after all.

  2. I see noting wrong with smoking a joint and getting lost on the freeways in So Cal

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