Stealing Signals: One Last Chance At Some Cheap Jokes.

Indians 12, Yankees 3 – This may be the last shot I get at Chien-Ming Wang for the season, so let’s make the most of it: The Tribe smacked Wang up, left him bruised, scarred, and raw after jackin’ it a couple times off the Yankees starter and added a couple more off the bullpen. Kenny Lofton drove in four as well, and tied Rickey Henderson’s record for playoff stolen bases.  Alex Rodriguez went 0-2 with two walks, but you can’t blame him for much: Hideki Matsui and Jorge Posada blew big chances with runners in scoring position.

Rockies 10, Phillies 5 – There isn’t a whole lot that’s particularly satisfying in watching Kaz Matsui figure out how to hit, especially when he jacks a grand slam off Kyle Lohse as the first batter to face the Philly pitcher after Charlie Manuel yanked Kyle Kendrick (whom the TBS announcers could not stop cracking on because they thought he had a NASCAR name.)  The only thing that made me not want to throw something at the TV was that he was sticking it to the Phillies and putting them down 0-2 in the series, and that makes the fact that he never hit like that for the Mets sting a bit less.

Diamondbacks 8, Cubs 4 – Ted Lilly just didn’t have it at all last night. You could sense the frustration when he threw that gopher ball to Chris “Not The White Ivy League Pitcher” Young. Most pitchers don’t get that animated or pissy when they give up homer runs. The top four of the Cubs’ lineup has gone 4-19 in the series so far, and now it’s a question of whether the Cubs, like the Phillies, can take a game to make it at least respectable.

Photo: Getty Images/Matt Sullivan


2 Responses

  1. Wang only seems to pitch well in big games at Yankee Stadium…his sinker never sinks away from home…

  2. Wang jokes never get old.

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