The Shakedown, Week 6.

I’ve jumped from Week 4 to Week 6 because this has become less a recap than a Top 10 and bad guessing preview for the college game, so rather than name it after the prior week…you  understand. It took until Thursday to do this because four or five different teams had to shit the bed last Saturday.

  1. LSU – Florida is going to be pissed and ready to take it out on someone else this weekend, but I don’t think LSU’s defense will break.
  2. USC – Last week showed why Pete Carroll has to have three lines of blue-chippers at every position by losing two O-line guys on the same play. If this was any other week instead of Stanford, I’d pick an upset.
  3. Cal – Gonna be a hell of a showdown when USC comes to town on November 10th, provided no one looks ahead.
  4. Ohio State – They’re developing the kind of offense that rolls over everyone else in the Big 10 (and gets them rolled up if they have to run against an SEC or Pac-10 team in a bowl game.)
  5. South Florida – You roll up on Auburn and West Virginia and stay undefeated with everyone else collapsing, you get a top spot. Big East favorite until further notice.
  6. Kentucky – Gets a boost this high into the top spots because I’m not comfortable with putting Wisconsin up here, and their run has been more impressive than…
  7. Boston College – I still believe in Matt Ryan, and I still don’t like Wisconsin here either.
  8. Wisconsin – The least convincing of the top teams without a loss. Someone is going to fuck them up soon.
  9. Florida – Everyone knows they won the national championship with a loss to Auburn on the schedule.
  10. Oregon – Why they stayed put at the #10 slot: other teams lost, obviously, and at least their loss was competitive and in the best game of last week.  Oklahoma got consideration, but the way they allowed CU to come back speaks ill of them in other ways.

On The Outs: Oklahoma, West Fuckin’ Virginia, Texas, Rutgers. Nice going, fellas.

Outside Looking In: These undefeated teams take serious hits from serious consideration due to weak scheduling/not playing anybody: Hawaii, Missouri, Arizona State, Purdue, Kansas, and Cincinnati.

On Notice: Wisconsin, as always. Dare we think that Ron Zook will be coming for the Badgers?  LSU can’t look past a Florida team likely to be pissed off and looking to take it out on someone.

Hop On!: Missouri. If they get past Nebraska this Saturday, consider them strong possibilities to take the Big 12 North, and if Texas and Oklahoma losing to Northern division foes teaches us anything, it’s that the winner of the Red River Shootout isn’t guaranteed to win the conference any more. I don’t know what Ron Zook is doing in Illinois to get those players going, but it’s working. Also, I sense Kansas fans are going to have their bubbles burst as soon as they face K-State in conference play.

Oh, That’s My Stop: I just have a feeling that South Carolina’s going to lose this one at home to a Kentucky team on a roll right now. Sell Clemson while you still can; losing to Georgia Tech like that last weekend means they’ll be giving up a couple more cheapies.

Ill-Advised Upset Calls: Illinois over Wisconsin. Yeah, I said it.


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