Right, You’re Posing In Playboy To Set The Record Straight.

One of the mysteries of the whole Barry Bonds saga is why his ex-girlfriend Kimberly Bell gets so much respect and credibility from certain sportswriters. Michael O’Keeffe of the New York Daily News (not exactly the most objective of folks when it comes to the Giants slugger) gives us the latest (puff) profile as Bell’s Playboy spread is due to hit newsstands this Friday, and it rehashes the usual things Bell has said to the media: she says Bonds admitted steroid use, was threatening (especially the whole “cut your head off” part), and welshed on the agreement they had to buy her a house.

The best part is that she has the temerity to imply to the Daily News that it’s not about the money (it’s about defending her reputation), when the agent who got the deal with Playboy said it was about getting the money that she was owed, and since she wasn’t getting it from Barry, it was coming from somewhere else.

Bell said she agreed to the Playboy story and the nude photos because she has been erroneously characterized in the press: She is not a gold digger.

“A lot of people have said a lot of rotten things about me,” she said. “It comes to a point where you have to defend yourself.”

Hm. If you want to defend yourself and look credible in the eyes of a grand jury and federal government that you’ve testified on behalf of, it probably isn’t the best move to pose nude. Just a thought.  I certainly don’t condone any of the behavior towards her that she accuses Bonds of if it turns out to be true, but wouldn’t you think that the best way to make one’s case, if you believe someone has done wrong and you are a witness to it, is to keep a low profile?


4 Responses

  1. Bell says she hopes to return to college to get a degree in education. She’d like to teach middle school kids. “It’s a noble profession. It’s a way to inspire children.”

    What, and Playboy isn’t?

    I can’t get worked up about this because it’s a joke. Based
    on all of these admissions and allegations, BB should be in
    jail for assault, drugs, and tax evasion. And he should have
    been suspended from baseball. But the gold digger who ain’t
    messin’ with no broke n!@#$ has more cred than he does.

  2. Did he really take a stand and say: “She is not a gold digger.”

    You are right, it is mindboggling the credibility she receives…

  3. Anybody that questions her credibility is a right-wing-Mormon-bathroom-tapping hypocrite(s).

    There’s nothing wrong with posing for Playboy.

    She has plenty of credibility, look at her documentation … geez, look at her phone records.

    BB has always been a selfish prick, its well documented, with the press and with personal accounts.

    He’ll get what he deserves.

  4. So, an ex-girlfriend looking for a measure of revenge is worthy of credibility.

    Nope, there’s nothing wrong with posing for Playboy. Just don’t say you’re doing it to set the record straight or for anything other than self-promotion.

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