Peter King, Still Chugging Kool-Aid.

From his Tuesday mailbag:

KING, YOU’RE AN IDIOT FOR SAYING THE CHARGERS ARE THE 12TH-BEST TEAM IN FOOTBALL. From Brian Vargo of Jacksonville, Fla.: “Now why is San Diego in your Fine Fifteen? No one is saying the Chargers are dead, but, if as you say they are ‘too good,’ they wouldn’t be 1-3. There are 29, that’s right 29, teams with an equal or better record than the Chargers and only Chicago, who just lost to a Matt Millen team, is also in your top 15. If all you media types are going to be putting out lists of the best teams in the league, the record of a team speaks for how a team is playing, not what they could be.”

Brian, yours was one of many missives telling me what an idiot I am for ranking the Chargers where I did. Two points, one from my trusty football editor, Andrew Perloff. “If you’re going to rank teams based only on the won-loss record, we could just run the standings every week,” he says. And he’s right. If the 1-3 Chargers played 3-1 Detroit right now on a neutral field in Wichita, I’d pick San Diego to win. Would you?

Fuck, no. Marlon McCree and Quentin Jammer have never screamed competent secondary to me. Line up Roy Williams, Mike Furrey, and a healthy Calvin Johnson against them and Kitna throwing, and they’ve had it. The only advantages the Chargers hold over the Lions at this point is at running back and an overall defensive advantage that is dropping steadily with every week. Detroit’s defense is poor, but they ballhawk a lot (which is why they get beat so much, going for the INT rather than bumping men off their routes.)

King notes that records aren’t everything this early in the season, but they mean a lot. The Chargers have lost to Kansas City, New England, and Green Bay, while the Lions have beaten Minnesota, Chicago, and Oakland. This Packer team is an overachieving sort, sure, and there’s no shame in losing to New England, the class of the league. But with the talent on its roster, the Bolts should be able to handle the Packers by a touchdown. This is a team that lacks talent at certain positions and an obvious coaching deficiency.

What wide receiver threat do the Chargers have to spread the field? Vincent Jackson and Buster Davis have underperformed (clearly displaying that Davis was a far second behind Dwayne Bowe in their LSU days). The only weapons the Charger offense has right now is LDT and Antonio Gates, and Norv is so dumb he won’t give the ball to Tomlinson in the second half. Put the Lions and the Chargers on a neutral field and I’m taking the Lions right now.

It’s as if King hasn’t even watched a Chargers game this season. Dysfunctional teams lose to mediocre ones more often than not, and Detroit is on the good side of mediocre right now thanks to Rod Marinelli trusting his offensive attack to Mike Martz.

(Pic created by Oddshark.)


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