The Red Zone: Week 4, Early Games.

I might as well enjoy this week while I can. The Broncos are running all over the Indy D early, but these things never last.

Lions 37, Bears 27 – Hey, Bears fans: Told you so!  Brian Griese threw for two sixes, but gave three passes back the other way, one of them for a Detroit score, and then the Bears D completely collapsed in the fourth quarter — 34 points for the Lions in the last 15.  Devin Hester’s kick return for a TD made it closer — somewhat. If Lovie Smith’s idea of offense is to have Griese throw 52 times, he’ll lose faster next week.

Raiders 35, Dolphins 17 – The Daunte Culpepper Vengeance Tour gets underway, as the maligned #8 is responsible for all five touchdowns, three with his legs and two with his arm (both to Jerry Porter), motioning to the Miami crowd that his right knee was OK repeatedly.

Cowboys 35, Rams 7 – The Rams are really bad at football this year. Tony Romo throws for 300+ yards and three touchdowns (two to Patrick Crayton.)

Browns 27, Ravens 13 – Derek Anderson throws two TD passes and Cleveland’s D refuses to give up a touchdown until the 4th quarter. Either the Browns are better than we all think as a .500 team or the Ravens are sneaky bad.

Packers 23, Vikings 16 – Brett Favre owns the career touchdown passes record now, having thrown 421 and 422 to beat the Vikings. Kelly Holcomb got picked after the Vikings got a crucial turnover in the third.

Falcons 26, Texans 16 – Letdown game deluxe.  The Texans couldn’t get in the end zone much (one TD pass from Schaub) while Joey Harrington threw for 250+ and two touchdowns — Falcons are off the schneid.

Bills 17, Jets 14 – I thought the Jets were a step up from the rest of the AFC East dregs. Guess not. Trent Edwards, much-maligned Stanford alum QB, leads the Bills to their first victory with a short TD pass with seven minutes left in the fourth.

Photo: AP/Duane Burleson


10 Responses

  1. […] Matthew Cerrone wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptFalcons 26, Texans 16 – Letdown game deluxe. The Texans couldn’t get in the end zone much (one TD pass from Schaub) while Joey Harrington threw for 250+ and two touchdowns — Falcons are off the schneid. … […]

  2. Cleveland needs to stop bullshitting. The Cowboys get five steps further from drafting McFadden with each win. I won’t stand for this!

  3. S2N,

    The ravens miss Pryce and Rolle more than anyone thought they would. No pass rush + piss
    poor secondary play leads to a loss. It could have been worse than 27-13.

    Also, McGahee has to get more than 14 carries.

  4. Des – there are lots of teams making quarterbacks who shouldn’t be slinging it that much throw it a ton. Baltimore’s one, Chicago’s another, and I just heard that Carolina had David Carr throw 46 times.

    It’s endemic of underachieving O-line work (Jonathan Ogden being out didn’t help the Ravens at all.)

  5. S2N,

    J.O. is missed also, not because Adam Terry can’t get it done, he can, but Marshall
    Yanda was getting killed on the right side today. A healthy J.O. puts Terry back on
    the right side, which solidifies the line. San Fran’s next, and it’s not gonna be easy.

    They have to make to 5-2 before the bye because they face Pittsburgh, Cincy, Cleveland,
    and San Diego BEFORE they face the Colts and Pats back to back weeks.

  6. Diallo – HA!

    Des – I think you’ll be okay with SF, especially if Trent Dilfer is under center instead of Alex Smith.

  7. S2N- You’re probably right, but dang, what a bad loss.

    Speaking of bad losses, weren’t the Broncos leading the Colts at some point?

  8. Yes. The late games post will be coming soon.

  9. With injuries on the OL, half a dozen defensive starters injured, concrete-handed receivers and a QB who can throw the ball much too high but not nearly far enough, we’re looking at the ’02 Bears all over again. Sigh.

    I’m not ready to specifically blame Cedric Benson yet, though, like all the Chicago sportswriters are. He finally got into gear in Q3 and was essentially taken out of the game in Q4 when Griese’s pick put the team down by ten.

    At least Gould had a good game, and a defense that can block four FGs in four consecutive weeks is doing pretty well. Against a lesser defense, the Lions could easily have had twice as many points.

    — Ajax.

  10. Yep, the Jets aren’t a step above anyone. They are playing without fire, and without good coaching. I have no idea what’s going on in the locker room, but there must be something more going on behind the scenes than what it appears….

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