Stealing Signals: 11 In A Row.

Rockies 10, Dodgers 4 – Break up the fucking Rockies! If you aren’t rooting for Colorado to get a playoff spot at this point, you are either a Padres or Diamondbacks fan (scarce as the latter may be) or you have absolutely no heart.  Garrett Atkins had four hits, topped by a two-run homer, and Brad Hawpe and Todd Helton added jacks of their own to sweep a further dejected Dodger team. The Blake Street Bombers are born again, and they’re doing it on the road, with pitching. How scary would these guys be in a five game series right now?

Diamondbacks 8, Pirates 0 – Arizona needed to smack down the Bucs and keep ahead of Colorado by 2 and SD by one, because they’re going into a three-game series with the Rox to end the season.  Micah Owings throws 6.1 of shutout ball and nabs 4 hits and three RBIs to help his own cause.

Padres 9, Brewers 5 – San Diego helps itself — well, more like is assisted by Milwaukee’s five errors in the field (Ryan Braun had three of them) — and helps the Cubs as well.

Marlins 6, Cubs 4 – The Cubs are incapable of helping themselves this year, having lost their last ten games to Florida. If Milwaukee wasn’t imploding before our eyes, the North Side denizens would be ripping their hair out.

Cardinals 3, Mets 0 – I’ve already accepted that the collapse is going to happen; Philly will win the division, and the Mets will go home knowing that not even a good performance from Pedro Martinez can save them, because somewhere along the line the line-up could make even Joel Piniero look good.

Phillies 6, Braves 4 – Ryan Howard hits home run #44 on the season and sets the majors’ new strikeout record in the same game.  The Phils are now tied with the Mets, and Philly fans are trying hard not to have those hopes rise too high until the final out is played.

Twins 5, Red Sox 4 – Josh Beckett couldn’t help lock down an AL East title, giving up homers to Michael Cuddyer and Garrett Jones.

Yankees 3, Devil Rays 1 – The Yankees sat several of their regular starters and still gained a game on Boston, putting them two back for the AL East lead.

Mariners 4, Indians 2 – Cleveland couldn’t take advantage of Boston’s loss to get more of an edge for home field advantage, as Jose Lopez and Jose Guillen jacked up Paul Byrd.

Photo: AP/Kevork Djansezian


2 Responses

  1. Dude, I am pulling for the Rox so hard. I lived in Denver during the inaugural season, and I have waited and waited for them to figure out a formula for winning. And I LOVE TULO!

  2. We in Philadelphia have made an unholy alliance with Cub fans so both of us make the playoffs ( Based on our Satanic agreement, the Rockies are welcome to enter the playoffs at this point. Tulo is the man. What a run he and the rest of Colorado have had.

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