Everything Is Accelerated.

Especially the time it takes for people to start referring to a top draft pick as a boom or bust. Mike Freeman of CBS Sportsline is stating that Saints RB Reggie Bush is already resembling one of the biggest busts in pro sports history; with more hype than actual on-field production. In the old days, you got at least two or three full seasons to make an impact before someone could actually freaking assess your worth.

Take a deep breath, everyone. Especially you, Saints fans, and same to you, #25 haters. The dude hasn’t been an every down back, and gets more receptions than carries up to this point in his career. 21 games of a limited number of carries is not exactly the best sample size to be judging what Bush is capable of in an NFL career.

What I do agree with is that the next 13 games without Deuce McAllister will be the prime test for Bush, to see if he can make himself into an every down back, or if he will even get that opportunity to begin with.

This is the test for Bush — to see if he can fulfill on the promise. Mario Williams is starting to in Houston, and Vince Young already has in Nashville (and is still crowing about how he got screwed on the Heisman vote when it went to Bush); we’ll see what Reggie is capable of, and see if he can help put a struggling team on his back.


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