Cheap Shots #68: Get On The Bus.

  • Extra P. and OMDQ now run a blog on the minor leagues. [Bus League Baseball]
  • Part 2 of the interview with Erin Buescher. [Moderately Cerebral Bias]
  • Phillips goes to Lambeau Field, is impressed with most things except for the female population. [Rumors and Rants]
  • What to make of Andrei Kirilenko and Shawn Marion’s trade demands? [The Commission]
  • I like Jones Soda, but there’s no way in hell I’d buy any of these flavors. [Sports by Brooks]
  • Who brought sexy back this week? It’s another installment of the Fashion Round-Up, one of the best features in Blogfrica. [Leave the Man Alone]
  • If you need help with shooting pigeons above Paul Brown Stadium, recruit half the Bengals roster. [Can’t Stop the Bleeding]
  • More proof of the sickness that envelops SEC football fans: UPS workers in Alabama stole tickets to the game against Western Carolina to sell them to scalpers. [You Been Blinded]
  • Old, but still funny: Brian Griese as Jack Bauer. Worth it for “Rex Al-Grossman Bin Nothrow” alone. [Chicago Bull]
  • Tampa Bay Rays’ ownership pisses off another constituency with the name change. Can’t make everyone happy. [The Serious Tip]

One Response

  1. I remember that Tampa Bay Rays story. That was an instant classic.

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