The Shakedown, Week 4.

Yeah, I’m late on it this week, and still reeling from a world where KU is 4-0. Mark Mangino must be threatening to eat his players if they lose.

  1. LSU – Until further notice, and I doubt Tulane = “further notice.”
  2. USC – Beating Wazzu hard helps, but now there’s that Pac-10 road schedule. Not saying they will lose to Washington, but going on the road is always dangerous.
  3. Oklahoma – Can we get an opponent to hold them to under 50 points or something? Yes, I know I ranked OU third last week, but they keep playing such AWFUL competition in and out of conference.
  4. West Virginia – They have a defense? Awesome, if only against ECU. Let’s see what happens against USF.
  5. Florida – Shitty secondary against Ole Miss, real questions when they head to Baton Rouge soon.
  6. Cal – I smell upset this week against Oregon unless DeSean Jackson has another breakout game.
  7. Ohio State – How does a rebuilding year for OSU turn into another probable Big 10 title? Jim Tressel has some form of hex going on.
  8. Texas – Yes, you whooped Rice. You’re supposed to.
  9. Rutgers – Aware they have not started serious Big East play yet, but still. Maryland is a decent test of skills, especially since the Terps gave WVU a bit of a run.
  10. Oregon – Could be a quick stay for the Ducks, but the Bears have to come to them. Dennis Dixon has been nothing short of marvelous.

Arrividerci, suckers: Penn State. The offense looked functional when Paterno’s crew was stuffing themselves on cupcakes, but Michigan refused to be a cupcake.

On Notice: West Virginia has a game to be worried about with South Florida, which wants to make its name further. Cal has to go to Eugene with a sometimes there, sometimes not defense. Wisconsin faces Michigan State, the team that has defined streaky for years.

There’s Still Room For You: If there’s any bandwagon we can advise hopping on quickly, it’s Oregon. Watching Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart work in sync out of that offense is incredible, and I think they can take Cal in an offensive orgy on Saturday. I may have mentioned Arizona State before; this is probaby the team that will challenge USC in Pac-10 play.

Junk This Motherfucker Already: Can Arkansas even salvage a goddamn thing after losing to an on-the-rise Kentucky team? Houston Nutt is most likely out of a job after the season, and I suppose he’s lucky just to have North Texas on the schedule.

Dumbass Upset Calls of the Week: Oregon over Cal (odds below say this is not an upset, but rankings are rankings), Michigan State over Wisconsin. Again, proving I know nothing — and will lose money on it.

Speaking Of Losing Money: Oklahoma (-21) over Colorado, Oregon (-4) over Cal, Clemson (+1) over Georgia Tech (yes, someone actually has a line favoring Georgia Tech.)


2 Responses

  1. You’re reeling? I freaking went there! I will say, however, that it would take seven Todd Reesings (KU QB) to make one Mangino, so you might have the motivation right-on.

  2. I’d like to see Mangino and Ralph Friedgen have an eat-off.

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