Stealing Signals: Crunch Time.

Padres 6, Giants 4 – Hero of the day: Brian Giles, who rocked a three-run bomb in the top of the 9th inning to give the Fathers the win and help break out of a bad slump in which he had 4 hits in the last 52 at bats, keeping them one game ahead of both Philadelphia and Colorado in the Wild Card race.

Rockies 9, Dodgers 7 – The Rockies officially knock L.A. out of the NL playoff picture, while keeping pace with the Padres.  Troy Tulowitzki knocked the go-ahead homer off reliever Mark Hendrickson, and Todd Helton contributed a pair of RBI singles.

Braves 10, Phillies 6 – Atlanta gets to wreak havoc with the playoff dreams of others by beating the Phils, sending them a game back of the Pads and keeping them two back of the Mets. Mark Teixeira and Chipper Jones go deep to pad the lead.  Philly hit four homers but it wasn’t nearly enough.

Nats 10, Mets 9 – The only positive to really take out of this is Moises Alou’s hitting streak. Scoring six runs in the ninth, but the Mets left the tying run on third base when they could have used a chance to put some more distance between them and the Phillies.

Marlins 4, Cubs 2 – The Cubs see their lead over Milwaukee trimmed to two games, as a four-run inning given up by Ted Lilly proves fatal to their game hopes.

Brewers 9, Cardinals 1 – Milwaukee just takes it out on St. Louis, with Prince Fielder piling on with his 50th home run — which he’s not happy with; Fielder wants 52 and the NL MVP, which are two achievements his father never had. He’s doing it in order to “shut him up.” Those reunions must be warm and fuzzy.

Red Sox 7, Athletics 3 – Getting Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis back in the line-up certainly means a lot to Boston, and Curt Schilling getting his first win in a month at a crucial time doesn’t hurt either.

Devil Rays 7, Yankees 6 –  Alex Rodriguez hits a grand slam, Jorge Velandia hits one right back, putting the Rays ahead. The Yankees tied it up, but Rays catcher Dioner Navarro hit a solo home run in the 10th inning to get the margin of victory, putting the Yankees 3 games behind the Red Sox.

Photo: AP/Eric Risberg


3 Responses

  1. S2N,

    I’m convinced that the team with the best middle relief, not closer, is gonna win this
    thing. I’ve been watchin baseball from the cradle and I have never seen such piss poor
    middle relief.

  2. Des – if that’s probably the measuring stick, then I gotta go with the Cubs in the NL. They’ll be cannon fodder for the AL team, but all the other NL teams have such awful middle relief right now.

  3. I have developed a great deal of affection for some of the rookies who played this year, and I would dearly love to see Tulo in the wild card game.

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