Lame Marketing = The Big Takeover, Or Something.

Like everyone else out there who watched last Sunday night’s football game, I was well aware of the NFL and NBC trying to sell the hell out of efforts for a Latino audience via Hispanic Heritage Month. I brushed it off as dumbass marketing tactics, especially with the scoreboard reading “Vaqueros-Osos” and such. This guy took it a bit more personally:

I make an effort to not dwell too much on the political implications outside of sports because I spend my day job with those, but some quick reminders:

  • “I don’t know if we own anything in this country any more!” Um, how about the world’s financial markets, all three branches of government, most governors’ mansions, and all the big, massive companies. I could go on all day.
  • It’s dumb marketing for a football game. Relax!
  • Clearly, he’s never heard of Telemundo or Univision.
  • I think he came at the end of the damn thing. What else could he be doing with all the heavy breathing in the last 15 seconds?

(Hat tip: KSK)


5 Responses

  1. Well, in case you ever wondered who votes for Bush, there’s your answer.

  2. Jesus, I hate being lumped in with this asshole.

  3. Right, he’s a New Yorker, isn’t he, BorL?

  4. Thanks for the link earlier on your blog, S2N.

  5. Good post thanks. Anything to so with Social Media Marketing in the form of Twitter or Facebook interests me.

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