Kettle: “Hello, Pot; How Are You?”

I have one ear listening to Sunday NFL Countdown and just heard Chris Mortensen say something about former Cowboys fullback Daryl “Moose” Johnston and Hall of Famer QB Troy Aikman saying that signing Terry “Tank” Johnson was the wrong way to go; that it represented a mentality that compromised the integrity of the Cowboys. I found it confirmed via the eBays, and, well, it reeks of a small bit of hypocrisy.

Have Aikman and Johnston taken enough blows to the head to forget that they played with both Michael Irvin and Nate Newton, both of whom have been convicted of drug charges, as opposed to Johnson’s gun offenses? I’m aware that the scrutiny on Irwin and Newton happened after the Cowboys won those three Super Bowls, but still, the gall of those two to claim that Johnson’s signing wasn’t right for the team’s integrity is pretty amazing.

The signing isn’t anything new for Jerry Jones — he likes reclamation and character rejuvenation projects, and as far as Johnson goes, I’m guessing he won’t be as much trouble as many think — he apologized, accepted his punishment, and accepted responsibility publicly for what he did, and the whole police stop in Arizona seemed fishy because what he wound up getting arrested was so specious (the officer arrested him on suspicion of being intoxicated.)

Troy, Moose: great players, not bad analysts, poor judges of character — or less forgiving of those who come after them as compared to their former teammates.

5 Responses

  1. I am really hoping for a link exchange to get my blog some exposure. I have had S2N linked for a long time. Keep up the great work and thanks you very much in advance.

  2. This team lost it’s integrity the second the team was sold and Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry. These aren’t your daddy’s Cowboys.

  3. S2N,

    Troy and Moose turned a blind eye to the ” White House ” (I wonder why? hmmm.), but get
    indignant about Tank? Seems he would have fit in well 10-12 years ago.

  4. Chip,

    You ever heard of Hollywood Henderson? He used to snort coke on the sidelines. He showed up late to practice. But he sure was fast. If Tom Landry was desperate enough, he would’ve signed Tank in a heartbeat.

  5. Good point. The position of the former Cowboys is rather hypocritical; that Dallas team was well-known for its shenanigans. I think it gets easier to have standards after you’re a player…when you really don’t need them anymore.

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