Cheap Shots #66: The Big Payback.

Got a link, good post, or whatever? Send to s2nblog of the gmail variety; I do this every Tuesday and Friday.

  • Ohio State’s still on the hook for former coach Ed O’Brien. [Storming the Floor]
  • Former bizarre O.J. print ads for a leather boot company. [Kissiing Suzy Kolber]
  • The second edition of the “Would You Do…” tournament. Zach, you might want to rig the vote against Alison Stokke or risk legal action. [The Big Picture]
  • A “Vick Town Hall” on ESPN featuring the moron Neal Boortz and the blowhard Terrence Moore? Pass! [Sports Media Watch]
  • Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer will not burn his source on the Pats’ spying video. [Sports by Brooks]
  • Fun facts about Morten Andersen. [Right Down Peachtree]
  • Fun semi-facts about Champ Bailey!* [Big Money, No Whammies]
  • Meet the Big XII hoops coaching n00bs. [The Extrapolater]
  • The only way you’ll get me to sit through an entire Bill Simmons podcast: have Erin Andrews on as a guest. [Awful Announcing]
  • No beer for CU men’s hoops games takes away the only way to get through them. [Slushy Gutter Summer]

*My favorite Champ Bailey actual fact is that his mom nicknamed him “Champ” and his Detroit Lion brother “Boss.”


One Response

  1. Champ played for my high school’s main rival. We knew he was gonna be special, but we had no idea he would blow up like this. Country-ass Folkston, GA put two players in the NFL. That still makes me giggle. Their high school looks like a correctional facility. But, it obviously worked out for Champ:)

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