Should Have Done This Weeks Ago.

The Atlanta Falcons have gone and signed Byron Leftwich, a perfectly good and serviceable quarterback, about three weeks after he was cut by the Jaguars in favor of David Garrard (and despite being 1-1, don’t think that Jack Del Rio isn’t still squirming, hoping he made the right call.)

Problem is, it was done three weeks too late to come close to saving anything resembling a season for the team. It’s a safe gamble that Atlanta will at least be in the running for either Brian Brohm or Andre Woodson (I only include Woodson because his name is now up there; Bobby Petrino’s connection to Brohm is too strong to do anything but draft him if he has the chance.)  Honestly, if Letfwich gets up to speed and can show some usefulness, he’ll be worth keeping.

Why didn’t Rich McKay get on this sooner? It would have at least been face-saving, despite Leftwich’s lack of mobility and the Falcons’ anemic offensive line that even Alex Gibbs, the legendary line coach, couldn’t fix. I’m not sure McKay even knew what to do when D.J. Shockley went down, because that was the easy solution — plug in a talented UGA guy, keep the home crowd that Vick brought in as much as possible with a local product.

There is a future to be gained out of being this inept — the Falcons could get a really, really good draft pick. Thing is, they’ll probably take in Leftwich for the rest of the season, and ditch him for Brohm at the first opportunity after the draft if they can, yet watch him stink it up because the line can’t protect him.

Shame, ’cause I bet Darren McFadden would rock a Falcons jersey pretty well.


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